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My name is Margherita Fiorello and I live in Rome, in Italy, where I graduated in one of the oldest European Universities, “La Sapienza” founded in 1303 – with a thesis on the daily life of noble families in Rome during the Renaissance.

I’m interested in astrology since the end of the Eighties, when – because of various trips abroad – I was able to read the transcripts – even now never translated into Italian – of Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas’ seminars, in those years almost unknown in Italy. My different orientation and years of study, made me feel soon the great limits of psychological astrology and, increasingly unhappy, I have chosen to look elsewhere. For a dozen years I have been dedicating to studying traditional and horary astrology so I collected a decent collection of ancient texts and University papers and dissertations on the subject in Italian, in English and French.

For some years I have been studying Mediterranean humoral medicine, herbal remedies traditionally used according to the teachings of Dioscorides and Galen and iconography of medieval herbaria.

I’m a member of the Italian Association of traditional astrology founded by Prof. Giuseppe Bezza, CieloeTerra and a certified member of CIDA- Italian Center for Astrological Disciplines, and between teachers of Almugea school for horary and electional astrology, after having studied there with Giancarlo Ufficiale, former secretary of CieloeTerra.

I’m in touch with several traditional astrologers from different countries, and a member of several traditional astrological lists.

Lecturing about Agostino Chigi in 2006

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