Marsilio Ficino casts his horoscope

Reply to a friend asking Marsilio’s birthday

You are asking me about my birthday; and if our Plotinus, to the friends that often asked him about it, never replied, I’m so touched of your love for me, that I can’t deny anything if not what I’m not able to do.

My birthday was on 19th October 1433.

About the hour, my father Ficino, a doctor, never annotated it, but from his and my mother’s words I inferred it was the 21st. I believe in that moment the first part of Aquarius was already risen, together with Pisces. Saturn in Aquarius was in the Eastern angle, while Mars, in Aquarius too, was in 12th; Sun was in Scorpio, Mercury in the 9th, Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo in the 7th; in the same house Venus in Virgo, the Part of Fortune in Aries.

Letter to Martin Uranius Prenninger


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