All Power to the Soviets

I was reading last issue of Phos, so let’s check Russian Revolution.
The author considers 1914 eclipse and give 48 months for its duration, but let us stick with Cardano.

As in the previous post, Russia is ruled by Aquarius.

So the eclipse falls in the 12th house. Saturn rules the sizigy by domicile, triplicity, terms and it is opposite to the Lights.
The other malefic, Mars is with them.

Duration: 2h10 m.
Being in the first quadrant, eclipse effects are very fast, in the first four months and will be very strong for the first 26 months/3= 8 months.

Eclipse is 1.29 DH from Ascendant, that is 1 month 8 days, we arrive to 1 March 1917.

Menscevik revolt starts on 25 February and has its epilogue on 27 February . Lenin arrives in St. Peterburg on 17 April,

According Ptolemy the eclipse will have its greatest effect for the first 8 months from 1 March: we arrive to 1 November. Bolsheviks take the Winter Palace on 7 November


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