A new star

Brahe’s new star

A martian star, because both the siyzygy and the following angle are ruled by Mars.
The star is in Aries at MC.


2 thoughts on “A new star

  1. Hello Margherita,

    Its a very interesting and extremely beautiful chart in my opinion. On a visual basis one of my all time favourites. I think I may get a version of this chart framed!

    Astrologically, I see your point about the Mars emphasis with Mars the dispositor of Scorpio. Plus the Nova appeared at 1 Aries. However, when you discuss following angle you mean Mars as co-almuten of the desc angle or simply Aries on the MC?

  2. In the article I wrote with my friend, Valerio Simei, we used Brahe and Kepler texts, without adding our reading.
    I was more interested in rebuilding the original traditional thought, than in giving mine or Valerio’s one.
    In this I like what Bezza does, I’m more interested in the philological approach, than writing tons of predictions.

    Anyway for the next one, we are thinking about someone more practical 🙂 And in my million future plans I’m planning to translate in English the article about stellae novae.

    Anyway Brahe follows Ptolemy and the method to judge the eclipse: he is destroying Ptolemaic cosmos and in the meantime he goes on to use Ptolemy methods.

    He uses the sizygy near the appearance of the new star, so Mars rules the sizygy in Scorpio by domicile and rules the following angle to the sizigy, which is the Descendant in Capricorn by exaltation.

    The nova is not in Aries, it is in Taurus by longitude. But it is culminating at the MC in the first degree of Aries. (again Mars sign).

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