Queens and the Water Trigon

Describing the heresy of his time and the decadence marked by the Great Conjunction in the Watery trigon Tommaso Campanella happily writes that In his  times of heretic arrogance,  the Sun apse in Cancer makes the heresy stronger, and being in a feminine sign put women on the thrones. “Elisabeth in Anglia, Maria in Scotia, Catharina in Gallia, Margarita in Fiandra, Maria in Ungheria,  Russa in Turchia, Bona in Polonia, Blanca in Etruria et Camilla Romae. “

O tempora, o more….


One thought on “Queens and the Water Trigon

  1. Hello Gjiada

    I am intrigued by Campanella mentioning “Russo in Turchia”. That probably refers to Roxalane, a slave girl from present Ukraine who became the favorite and influential consort of Suleiman the Magnificent. In Turkey she is better known by her Ottoman given name Hürrem Sultan (the joyful one). Although she did not have the status of “Queen” in Ottoman setup, she was influential enough to get rid of Suleiman’s elder son from his senior wife (an able and promising prince), and open the way for her own, the beginning of the Ottoman decline.

    I wonder if Campanella’s “Russo” refer to her Russian origin, or was she a red head.

    Best wishes
    Behiye from Angelicus

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