Anton Grigoryev astrologer

This is denunce to the Police against  Anton Grigoryev , astrologer,

the one I believed a dear friend since years ,

No words to define Anton. Is there something more shameful and mean that a man who can profit from a woman disappearing with her money?

And how this man can dare going on writing of astrology without any dignity and honour?

And the same playing with primary directions. How is it so important calculate them by hand when one is a thief and a profiteer of women?

With his behaviour he betrayed and broke friendship and hospitality

and covered with shame his country, I would never believed it and I will never understand him.

Maybe astrology is not enough to make people honest and true….

Антон Григорьев астролог

2 thoughts on “Anton Grigoryev astrologer

  1. I have not understood, what Anton Grigoriev has made? Can explain it?

  2. Ask him.

    I did not understand anything about what was wrong or what happened or who really he is.

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