Diaz, Giuliani and astrology

There are several good reasons why we should not forget what happened to Covell, then aged 33, that night in Genoa. The first is that he was only the beginning. By midnight on July 21 2001, those police officers were swarming through all four floors of the Diaz Pertini building, dispensing their special kind of discipline to its occupants, reducing the makeshift dormitories to what one officer later described as “a Mexican butcher’s shop”. They and their colleagues then illegally incarcerated their victims in a detention centre, which became a place of dark terror.

From The Guardian

Now we have the pictures (again from British press) of policemen introducing molotovs into the school, the same molotovs Policemen say were in the School – this is in fact true, policemen took them inside, not occupants.

In this moment it’s difficult forgetting Carlo Giuliani, the 23 years old boy killed by a Policeman during G8.

But considering we are doing astrology, let’s see the chart for the event, one of the dreadful ones  I remember in the modern story of Italy.

Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is on the cusp of the 8th house, in his exaltation in Cancer..
Mercury ruler of the 7th house, is in the 8th and it is separating from Jupiter.

Moon is applying to the Sun in the 8th house of death.

Mars – (violent) policemen and hidden enemies angular at the Ascendant.

Jupiter is square at MC – Government.

7 thoughts on “Diaz, Giuliani and astrology

  1. Il signore della prima in settima, marte all’ascendente in segno peregrino, la nascita al novilunio-antares probabilmente all’oroscopo—non era un tipino tranquillo.
    Mars peregrine is rising, probably Antares on the ascendant, jupiter in lord of the first in the seventh house, house of the enemies: he was an ideological fanatic boy, going to crash in the head of the policeman a big’gas cylinder’ without any good motivation of real danger: sorry I can’t believe that the policeman want to kill, it was a mistake. Please forget the communist political visions of facts.
    sine ira ac studio

  2. Forgetting that we are talking about a boy with gun inside a safe place against a boy without any gun in the midst of a road surrounded by other policemen,so this is not a duel where both opponents had the same possibilities, let’s come back at the chart.

    Jupiter, Carlo, is inside the seventh, better on the the cusp of the eighth, which means DEATH.
    Jupiter is in Cancer, his exaltation, so the boy was very confident in his hopes and in his strenght.

    On the other hand, Mars, proper for Police, is peregrine in Sagittarius, in an angle, so he is free to do for the worse, because a malefic peregrine in an angle, hardly operates for the good.
    Moreover Mars is against his hairesis because he is a nocturnal planet in a day chart, so again we shall wait an evil from him.

    Albumasar says that Mars rejoices in Leo and in Sagittarius, so the policeman acted for some strange sense of defending his country against “enemies”.

    It’s the very old story of the war between poor men.

  3. Probably I did the same as the cop, get out the gun and shot I mean, not to kill,but in defense of my self: it’s no good ideA to have the head broked by a gas cylinder; mors tua vita mea, says the latins, AND si vis pacem para bellum. It was an accident, A TRAGEDY, BUT the boy was not so poor-jupiter in exaltation-and mars is not only the policeman, but a part of the personality of the boy.

  4. Well, this should be Alessandro Manzoni’s latinorum

    “Do you know what the number of absolute impediments is?’

    ‘What would you have me know about impediments, sir?’

    ‘Error, conditio, votum, cognatio, crimen, cultus disparitas, vis, ordo … Si sit affinis…’

    ‘Are you making game of me, sir? What do you expect me to know about your latinorum


    And moreover Mars is the ruler of the 12th house, hidden enemies, prison, and all the rest, if we does not want to take as a general significator.


  6. Cagliostro is not ugly, he is the most wonderful cat in the world.
    About horary v/s natal other readers can explain you better

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