….and Henry II

Henry II
Henry II

About Caterina de Medici’s husband, it is well know the prognostication Luca Gaurico made for him.

Percopo, Gaurico’s biographer mentions it: “Itinera tamen aquea videntur infausta et ab equis nonnihil impedimenti et lachrimulis ex oculo sinistro fluentibus

“Travels by water are inaspicious and accidents with horses and tears from the left eye.”

While in his Tractatus, Gaurico mentions the wonderful stellium of Sun (in his exaltation), Venus and Moon  at the Ascendant, which would influence countries under Aries.  In effect Moon was in Sagittarius, not in Aries- Cardano immediately caught his enemy’s mistake.

Still the prediction remained true: in 1559 King Henry was mortally wounded  to the eye by  a lance  during a tournament.

4 thoughts on “….and Henry II

  1. Dear,Gjiada,

    Thanks für posting the Horoskop, but Gauricus were right with the Moon in 27° in Aries.
    There are two eddtions from his Book. One before his death (Gauricus)one after. In the last one there was also another time. But this was not given from him!


  2. Many thanks for this, I did not know. Which is the other birthtime for Henry II? Do you know it?

  3. THe other Horoskop from Henry II is in: JUNKTINUS “Speculum Astrologiae, Lyons 1583 AS 19 Wi 27 ,
    It is a posthum rectification with primarydirection Mars (zod) > AS with the death of King. Arc = 40° 12′ = 40 Years and 2 month an 12 days
    also in: GARCAEUS Johann GARTZE “Astrologiae Methodus”, Basel, 1576 on p 443 with the same (wrong) time, 2 h later then Gauricus!!!


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