Signs of Earthquakes in astrological manuscripts

Angelicus 29

We can foresee these events in advance from the following signs:
when in a sign we find the conjunction of three or four planets, like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars or Mars and Venus and Saturn and even Mercury and when they are in their own places or triplicities or exaltations and one of two of them are stationary or in heliacal or vespertine rising or when both boreal or austral, or when they change the signs each others so one is the other’s domicile.
This is stronger when the Nodes are in signs signifying quakes, like the preceding parts of Taurus, and Pleiades, northern parts of Twins, the starting ones of Cancer, the end of the Scorpio and his third facie and the first facie of Aquarius and the first of Pisces.

Laurentianus 28

According Ancients it is difficult inquiring about earthquakes and their causes.
It is told that an earthquake is signified by a malefic star in the zodiacal places most proper to  sufferings.

Saturn. When transiting in Taurus it produces earthquakes in som places, especially the ones under Taurus. The same Saturn in Gemini, in his boreal parts, in Cancer, in Scorpio: in the third facie of Scorpio if it is in heliacal phase, it signifies the arrival of a Earthquake.

Mars. In Taurus, in the middle of the sign, rouses earthquakes. In Gemini, boreal parts. In Cancer, in heliacl phase in the first facie.

Moon. In Scorpio, in the first facie, sometimes means earthquakes. Generally eclipses of Sun and Moon at IC often  produce earthquakes and in the  front part of  the dodekatemorios of Taurus, with the Pleiades, if there is no benefic planet beholds them, the rear parts of Gemini and the last of Scorpio.

Mercury when is the ruler, is cause of earthquakes according its condition.


6 thoughts on “Signs of Earthquakes in astrological manuscripts

  1. Maybe in Romania it will be an earthquaqe soon.

    An psychic told us than we’ill have an e. = 8° (!!!!)

    On my blog are the charts for the earthquarqes in
    the past , on the chart of Bucarest ( 29 09 1459:
    source :

    Can you tell me if you see when ???

    The charts are here :

    Thank’s a lot !

  2. I’m romanian and y have a great problem, thank’s to help me if you can.
    A psychic told us that we’ll have an earthquaqe 8° Richter, that 3/4 of the buildigs will be destroyed….. :-((

    The charts for the earthsquarqes for XX – XIX siec are here:

    The charths of Bucarest ( 29 .09.1459) source here:
    we are affraid for 2010….

    You can make the comments on my blog too, many romanians understand the english ….

    Thank’s !!!

  3. But why do you think this psychic is trustworthy? And for when s/he predicted it?

    As you can read I follow mostly Ptolemy view and he thinks that earthquakes and other calamities depend on the eclipses. Next one is not visible in Europe, it falls in the Pacific ocean after having crossed India and China.

    Ptolemy would have observed Aquarius which rules Dacia, i.e. Romania, and Aquarius is not highlighted in whatever way even if you want consider an invisible eclipse, some traditional astrologers do.

    And I tried cartography too, Romania has no planets on them, on the contrary Italy has Saturn at IC, with some texts associated with earthquakes.

    Maybe some problem here in Italy rather than in Romania? A political earthquake maybe 🙂 ?

    Don’t trust so much psychics, world is full of people who make their living cheating others.

    Yours it’s a very nice blog, I would come back to visit it.

  4. Thank you very much Margherita, I’m not worried for now, I’m worried for november 2009 and for march – august 2010 when the opoposition Saturn -Uranus is formed, because Pluton is already on our natal Saturne and Saturne it will be on our natal Sun/Jupiter/Neptune … :-((

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