Girolamo Cardano writes about Jesus’ horoscope

In his effort to forget Arab magic and astrology and collections of aphorisms and in order to give more evidence to genethliac astrology, Cardano puts his reading of Jesus birthchart in his Comment to Tetrabiblos.
These pages are a turning point after Albumasar’s pages about the Great Conjunction and the Pulchra Virgo. In these lines  written by Cardano there is no miracle and no God, just a geniture.

Near the Ascendant there are five elements of great importance, very rare and unusual. The first one is the conjunction of the first degree of the Libra, both in the 8th and in the 9th sphere, with the intersection between the ecliptic and circle of equinox; so the first degree of Aries in the small circle of the 8th sphere had the same longitude of the first degree of Aries, which is the centre of small centre present in  the 9th sphere .

I’m not saying this conjunction is the main factor,

but it’s the first element, the most illustrious, because of the effect of so many stars, and its effect lasts 36000 years.

The second element is the presence of the shining comet, signifying a world upheaval, and a very great fame.

The third  element is Jupiter showing the sweetness of  temperament,  both the honesty, the tameness, and the eloquence and the extraordinary wisdom. So when Jupiter returned to the Ascendant at the age of twelve he could debate with priests in the Temple. Jupiter gave him grace, eloquence, sweetness of temperament, and the comet glow showed to the people all these things; while the Great Conjunction kept them  firmly in the people’s souls, so  neither  the shameful death or the kings’ laws could delete their memory.

The fourth is Spica of Virgo, star of first magnitude of  Venus nature , and a little of Mars:  being  just three degrees from the Ascendant it gave him eloquence and influence upon people and the natural knowledge of future. Even if the Divine dwells higher, the knowledge coming higher than humanity comes from the bright star of Venus, and from the brighter stars of the same nature.

The fifth is the Autumn equinox. In fact, as I already told, he was born a little – or just a moment – before the middle of the night,  as we can see because the direction to the Moon to the Descendant. Consequently  the summer tropic was at MC, and for this reason, according to Ptolemy, he was able to establish a new religion. In fact, the great star called Hercules, of second magnitude and like Mars in nature, was there: it showed  so many noble people  facing an awful death, martyrs, soldiers of John, James, Michael, Peter and Paul.

Near the Descendant there is one element: the Great Conjunction heralded  at the third degree of the Aries six years before the birth of the Saviour, being previously Jupiter and Saturn  joined in the Cancer triplicity, and being the first degree of Aries, of the one and other sphere, as I already told, at the Descendant. This is the eighth main  element of this geniture, from which derives the public and famous death (because of the conjunction of the cusps of Aries) and the sentence of sedition (because of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn). And  the law should be established by his death, because the conjunction of the Aries points was at the Descendant.

Two elements from IC: the first one is the presence of the Sun, signifying a supreme mind, and  his name made famous by the death. The second, the presence of Mercury, together with the Sun,  aspecting the Ascendant, and making evident the great mind, the skills and readiness in actions. For this reason people liked his sayings: this does not derive from a divine wisdom but from an human one.

And these ones are the ten rare elements in this geniture, in which the almost divine convergence shows in advance a preview of  marvelous events, planned by the eternal link of the causes.

Now we’ll talk about other elements we could add  to the ten  0nes mentioned. Mercury, at his greatest speed, at the highest point of the epicycle, with the Sun, at the IC, ruler of the part of the Ascendant, squaring   Jupiter and Mars, gave him the sharp intelligence and the great prudence. Jupiter, opposing Mars, being Mars in his house, near the Descendant, signified quarrels, enemies, dangers. The Sun near the IC, badly configurated with the Ascendant, together with Mercury, and squaring Mars, signified that the king would be an enemy: this from the beginning, when Herod killed  children, thinking Jesus was among them. Since the Moon was  the significator of life (being the Sun and the Part of Fortune below the horizon), she arrived by direction at the Descendant at the age of 34 and signifying he would die at that age.  Being there Mars, enemy to  the Moon and the Ascendant, it would be a cruel and violent death. And being  the rays of Jupiter opposite to the Descendant, this death should  arrive by  sentence from a judge, and the square of the Sun shows the concurrence of the king. The conjunction of the 8th and 9th sphere signified that the event would be accompanied with  a great sedition and with the  public favour, and the  Sun is  a public death.

The enmity of Saturn, ruler by  exaltation, triplicity and term, with the Ascendant made him unhappy and saturnine, so Joseph said he often saw him crying, and never laughing.

He had  good health and beauty from  Venus and Saturn,  rulers of  the Ascendant, trining the Ascendant and Jupiter. The Part of Fortune below the horizon, isolated, in Saturn terms, signifies  poverty.  Moon and Mars in the western angle, in an Earthy  sign, signify continuous travels by land. Child, he was taken in Egypt and when he came  back, he was a peregrine during all his preaching.

Moon, near Pleiads, signifies riots, dangers and  quarrels, because those stars have the same nature of Mars, and they are malefic in nature  because of the rays from Mars, Jupiter and Sun.

Saturn, being retrograde in the ninth house, signifies the effort of subverting the religious law under which he was born;  in fact people subvert the old law in order to establish a new one.  He acted like that with a divine way, still the star of Saturn signified the same in a natural way………..

Those who deny the truth of astrology could tell me if I altered  the coordinates, or miscalculated planetary positions, or  in deciphering the secrets of  stars I turned away  from the teaching of Ptolemy. What  should they else say:  Ptolemy who never saw this geniture, wrote his book because of this example? I could not think anything else sillier and more absurd than this.


13 thoughts on “Girolamo Cardano writes about Jesus’ horoscope

  1. Hi margherita. It is a pleasure to meet you. My grand grandfather was Italian and since them the “Veronese clan” dwells in Rio de Janeiro, lol. I am 26, and you?

    Anyway, I was wondering if writting in english will be more useful or not.

    Your blog is wonderful because of the template and the contents! Latin Translations! Congratulations for the effort.


  2. Hi Margherita,
    We are also members of the TRA group. Saw your post and came to your blog, its nice though us being from Vedic Astro background are unable to profit much out of it.

    You have used the chart of Jesus in your current posting, is it possible to pls provide the birth details and the source pls as we would like to study it further.

    Kind regards

    Saptarishis Astrology
    Free Global Astro Magazine

  3. Nice to meet you.

    Jesus birthchart was a topic since Middle Ages – according the technique of Great Conjunction and the lines about the Pulchra Virgo, both deriving from Albumasar.

    Cardano, in order to free astrology from “Arab silliness”- in his Comment to Tetrabiblos gives a completely new version from the famous version given by Pierre d’Ailly.

    Birth Data is the traditional one, 25 Dec for Betlehem (Cardano writes lat. 32, and it fits with the town).

    More on Christmas Astrology in the following post.

  4. Nice to meet you.

    Which part of Italy? I’m from Rome.
    Unfortunately I’m not 26, I was born in 1966…

    In Italy there is no interest for traditional astrology if not in CieloeTerra, so it’s useless for me writing in Italian.

    I’m happy you like my blog. I like your too and I have in my feeds reader since longtime, but unfortunately Portuguese is not easy to me, anyway I always try to read it with google translator, so it’s quite ok for me.

  5. In fact, Margherita, after three years on the web, I concluded that there are a few loyal readers of my blog in Portuguese, and 2 or 3 who harshly try to translate it. I wonder if this number will rise up significantly if I write in English.

    Portuguese is not a popular language and write in that supposely is “cultural resistance” to some. To me, is just laziness, hehehe.

  6. oh, my gramps were – if my aunt is correct – from a small village called “Ruvigo”, but “Veronese” is very appealing to say that they were from Verona, hehe. I think it is in the north Italy. I’ve heard that there is a Renaissance painter called “Paolo Veronese”, if I am not wrong.

  7. And Verona obviously is the city where

    Two households, both alike in dignity,
    In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
    From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
    Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
    From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
    A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;
    Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
    Do with their death bury their parents’ strife.
    The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love,
    And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
    Which, but their children’s end, nought could remove,
    Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage;
    The which if you with patient ears attend,
    What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

  8. To be honest we don’t study Shakespeare in our school, so it would not be so easy for me too. but I know quite well Italy, obviously 😉 and I saw Juliet’s house.

    Sure, oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

  9. Interesting. My astrological programme (Solar Fire) differs from Cardano’s version, with Moon 12th @ 18 VI, SA at 27 GE, and N Node at 10 SAG in 3rd. So there is a grand square PL/AS opp SUN squared by Pluto Uranus opposition across the ASC. I wonder if either of these calculations is correct(?) and wish Cardano’s astrological writings were more available in English. I’ve just been studying the synastry between Cardano and English author of The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook , Michael Brooks, and it is, as one might expect, very strong.

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