Will the king of Naples die?

The following is the translation from Latin of an horary question  asked to the prophet- astrologer Annius of Viterbo. The querent is Galeazzo Sforza, duke of Milan, who was inquiring about the health of his enemy Don Ferrante of Aragon, King of Naples, who was sick in his bed.

Planetary positions as given in the Latin  text are:

Sun 11 Sagittarius, Moon 24 Libra, Mercury 11 Sagittarius, Venus 29 Scorpio, Mars 9 Virgo, Jupiter 9 Aquarius, Saturn 9 Leo Rt., Dragon Head 2 Libra.

The question is if the King is dead, he is going to die or if he will recover.

In the beginning I was in doubt if this is a radical chart, but after checking carefully the chart where Mars ruler of the Ascendant, and   ruler of MC by exaltation, and ruler of the Sun by exaltation is in the sixth house, I judged it radical enough. It means You are worried with the illness of the King, and because  it’s the ruler of  both the Ascendant and the eighth house the question is about his death or recovery.

So I will cast this chart  and  say my true conclusions.

Prima conclusio. He will not recover from this illness. In fact I judge that  Mars rules both the first and eighth house, it is near retrogradation, far from benefics, under the horizon in the sixth house, with its ruler combust in the sign of its detriment, equidistant (1) from Saturn, from which it recently separated.


Firstly, a fortune in the 8th house means he will recover, and Venus is there. So he will recover.

Secondly, the Moon is in an angle free from malefics. In fact the Moon does not behold any malefics, she is separating from Mars and she has been separated from Saturn, and the Sun will interfere between her and Saturn: so he will recover.

Thirdly, the Moon with a fortune means recovery.  And we see the Moon beholding Jupiter with a trine and being received, so he will recover.

But I will show that because of the following considerations about this interogatione he will not recover, in fact the conjunction of infortunes in the Ascendant or MC means a new king in that kingdom and the death of the former king. And because this conjunction is in Leo, which rules both his nativity and the Southern Italy, according Ptolemy’s Quadripartitum.

Among these reasons of the mentioned conclusion, one is enough to overcome the other  three  even if they would be  true, but they are false. So:

– I contradict the first one because Venus should be judged in the end of the eighth house by position but not by virtue. In fact she is at 29 Scorpio and she is going to enter in Sagittarius. Motion is identified from its end, not from its beginning, as Aristotle states in the fifth book of Physics;

– I deny the second one  that Moon is free from malefics because the last aspect was with Mercury, ruler of the sixth house, which is combust in its detriment, and moreover she is in via combusta. Besides, she is void of course, and her next aspect is with a malefic  in its detriment (2);

–  I deny the third one about the fact Moon is beholding Jupiter either  by superimposition  or by orb, and however the aspects to Saturn, Sun and the combust Mercury cut the lights.

So my first conclusion is soundly grounded.

Secunda conclusio. He will die in a week or he will remain ill. Ratio for the  first possibility is all the significators have the same meaning. In fact Mercury ruler of the sixth house beholds Mars while combust and  in its detriment. The infortuned Moon in her fall will join Saturn in the fourth hour. And after Mars, ruler of the first and eight house, will be equidistant with Saturn.

The second is true too, because the ruler of the first and eight house is slow in motion, stationary and going to be retrograde and in a common sign, which means a recidivous condition and a prolongation.

Tertia conclusio. I believe that he will remain ill, but he does not recover. See first conclusion. I believe in fact he’s near the threshold of death. I assert this, if he will not die in this month, he will die when Mars starts its retrograde motion, surely in the middle of January, or when the Sun will arrive to MC after the middle of December; but more likely I think he is already dead or he will die in this month because in this chart I see more facts for fast events than for slow ones, because of the mobility nature of angles.

If I could have the date of decumbiture, I could be more precise.  So if You know this day, let me know.

Ex cellula nostra, Genova, die 24 novembris, hora 23,

Yours Magister Joannes Viterbiensis. (3)


(1) Generally we say that two planets are equidistant when they have the same  distance from the Meridian. According a little help arrived to the gentle translator 🙂 Mars and Saturn are equidistant because they have the same distance (9 degrees) from the cusp of their own house.

(2) Saturn in Leo.

(3) Don Ferrante died with a bowel cancer in 1494, 19 years after the horary, so the astrologer was clearly wrong 🙂

Latin text of this “interogatione” is edited by Monica Azzolini in “Annius of Viterbo astrologer: predicting the death of Ferrante of Aragon, King of Naples”, Bruniana e Campanelliana, n.2, 2008

2 thoughts on “Will the king of Naples die?

  1. That is why I usually distrust horaries which have a lot of strange considerations. Results are generally rather simple.

  2. Yes, agree.
    It was an interesting text, wasn’t it? Annius read this chart as we could do.
    He was wrong, but maybe he was just trying to answer what his patron would know….We never will know.

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