About star crossed love

Does love depend on stars as William Shakespeare seems to believe in the first lines of Romeo and Juliet? Astrologers and initiates think the same.

Hermes explains to Asclepius the secret of love and sex.

Moon and Venus willingly satisfy men, while the Sun and Mars are allied to women.  The Moon favors marriage for men, while the Sun for women.

But Venus favors the commixture and licentious unions for men, Mars for women.

Asclepius wants to know more.

But why in the sexual congress Goddesses favor men while Gods prefer women?

Hermes knows the answer.

Because women being of cold nature should take some heat from masculine planets, as Sun and Mars, which being of hot nature, warm women and incite to  coitus, stimulating their carnal desires. It’s like a balance between them and the stars. On the other hand men, being hot in nature, need to be counterbalanced by stars with an opposite nature, as Moon and Venus.

For this reason in a geniture we should  consider if  the Moon beholds the Sun because if so the native will marry, but if they are inconjunct or the Moon is in her synod with the Sun, especially if she is witnessed by Saturn – in this case she provides the native with a stone heart- the gentle author of this blog sadly knows this  quite well.

Venus and her triplicity rulers if damaged – combust, in falling houses, beheld by malefics- have the same meaning.

In the marriage of the men, Hermes explains, we shall consider

in which quadrant is the Moon at birth. If she is in the eastern ones – from the New Moon to the first quarter and from the Full Moon to the last quarter, it means he will marry in youth a young woman, and if Saturn witnesses her, in mature age he will marry a younger woman.

But if the Moon is in western quadrants, from the first quarter to Full Moon and from the last quarter to the New Moon, young he will marry an older woman or already old he will marry an old woman. In fact eastern quadrants signify a young woman, western quadrants an old one.

The aspects of the Moon  before changing sign  show wife temperament and the number of marriages.

With the Moon in a fixed sign, the native will marry once, more than once if the Moon is in a mutable sign.

For women we will check the Sun. Hermes goes on:

if the native is a woman we will see in which quadrant is the Sun. If the Sun is in the eastern quadrants, i.e. from the Ascendant to the MC, or from Descendant to IC, in youth she will marry a young or if Saturn witnesses, in old age she will marry a young man. But if the Sun is in the western quadrants, from MC to Descendant or from IC to Asc, the woman will marry an older man, and if Saturn witnesses, in mature age she will marry an old man.

As in the previous case, we will consider which planets are witnessing the Sun to investigate about the nature of the husband and if there are more marriages. And if the Sun is applying to oriental planets she will marry a young, but she will marry an old man, if the Sun is applying to occidental ones.

Ali ibn Ridwan explains better this idea in his famous comment to Tetrabiblos. I think it’s worthy reading some lines of it, because he gives precise indication about the hairesis (the sect) of planets and their heliacal phase.

If the Sun is applying to one oriental planet the woman will marry a young man, but if occidental, the man is very old. For example if in the nativity of a man, the Moon is applying to three planets before changing sign, and one of them  is occidental, one oriental and the other under the Sun beams, the oriental one means that the man will marry a young girl, the occidental an old woman and the one under the Sun beams no union. The same is for the Sun in the nativities of women.

When in a nativity of a woman the Sun is in a bicorporeal sign, or of many shapes, or it is with other  planets in its sign, the woman will marry many times. And if with oriental planets, the husband will be young because oriental planets signify young age.

Since oriental planets have the same hairesis of the Sun, they are stronger.  In the same way occidental planets configured to the Moon, in the nativities of men.

In order to investigate about the passional soul of men we will check Venus, and Mars for women’s soul.

Mars and Venus in fact are – as Cardano explains in the comment to the Tetrabiblos- the planets with the maximum epycicle and  the maximum latitude a planet can reach.

in the same way love and wrath are the strongest passions, and for this reason love wins everything and makes us blind, and the same Mars  does for rage and fury.

So if Moon and Sun are in male signs men follow their nature, and women have a strong soul. But if Venus and Mars are in male signs too, men are inclined to adultery and debauchery, women to intercourses with other women: in secret if only Venus is in a male sign, but if even Mars is a male sign, in public.

The opposite if Lights are in feminine signs: women will follow feminine nature, but if Venus is in a feminine sign, they will be inclined to adultery, especially if Mars is in a feminine sign too.

And all these qualities will be magnified if Moon and Sun are inconjunct, if they don’t behold the Ascendant and a malefic witnesses them from an angle.

Again heliacal phases of Mars and Venus are very important and we shall consider with care in the analysis of the passional soul because as Haly writes:

They will be more masculine and men more virile and stronger, and women full of lust when Mars or Venus are oriental, because they are matutine.  Vespertine and occidental conditions are in agreement with femininity and shyness.

And being Venus a wet star, when she is with the Sun –  as she gives many rains in a mundane chart, she will give so much moisture – according her sign-  in sex too 🙂

But in sexual behaviour we shall consider if some small fixed stars known in the tradition as horrida sidera.

This is the list given by the Anonymous Author of 379 AD: (from CieloeTerra site)

First of all men and women who are born when the following parts rise or ascend at the same time at the horoscope: the fore parts or Aries face and its back at about  and the Hyades or Taurus’ face and moreover the back of Leo and the face that is the muzzle of Capricorn; incur emotional disorders, depressions and passions. When these places ascend at the same time and rise, as we have explained above, they urge and induce people who are born in this situation to act immorally and dissolutely, not only towards women, but also towards young boys and to delight in the pleasures against nature and with women that submit and yield to passions and are subject to flows and are also obscene and indecent.

Let us see an example.

This is the famous Madame de Pompadour, the royal mistress of the king Louis XV, who was very influential in Versailles and in political life of France for almost 15 years, till her death.

She was a very refined woman, with a great intelligence and she was a friend of Voltaire and Diderot.

The King made her so rich that  one of her houses in Paris, Palais de l’Elysee, is now the siege of the French President.

In this chart Moon is separating from the trine with the Sun, so we can say the native will marry.

Venus, the other significator of love, is at MC, which is proper for a King as lover, and rulers of Fire triplicity, are surely well placed: the Sun is in the 11th house, while Jupiter and Saturn are both oriental to the Sun, in their hairesis, daily planets in a day chart.

She married soon – when she was 19 –  because planets are in the first quadrant (in respect to the Sun and in respect to the Ascendant) .

Her husband Charles-Guillaume Le Normant d’Étiolles was young, he was 23 at the moment of wedding, because oriental planets signify youth as Haly told us.

The face of the husband is given by oriental planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn which are of the same sect of the Sun, so we will think two men. Saturn especially is very strong because it had its heliacal rising a week earlier, it is in its triplicity as participating ruler and it is exactly at MC.

What about the passional soul of Madame de Pompadour? She did not indulge in excesses because Moon is beholding Sun,  even if with a wide orb.

Sun is in a feminine  sign, and Moon too; Venus is in a masculine sign, and being visible and matutine it’s masculine for heliacal phase too.

On the other hand, Mars is in a feminine sign, and being occidental to the Sun is slightly feminine.

So she was very balanced in her  passions from an astrological point of view.

Is this true? Several reports say that she was not interested in bed activities and almost frigid, but she conquered the king heart with her wisdom and friendship, rather than sex.

Opposite is the case of Giacomo Casanova, the famous lover.

Let’s check his birthchart:

Sun and Moon are in masculine signs, configured with a trine.

Mars is invisible in a feminine sign, so it gives some weakness of the soul. Venus is matutine and visible so she gives a  strong masculine appetite.

Venus and Mars beheld by Saturn give an excess in lust, while Mercury in the same degrees of Pisces makes  public the perennial search for pleasure and sensuality .

Moreover Venus and Mars are with the stars of the water of Aquarius, which other hellenistic astrologers add to the list of the horrida sidera listed above.

Not very far from what Liber Hermetis states:  “The 17th and 18th degree of Aquarius make fornicators and whores. ”


Alchemical picture and quotes from Hermes are stolen 🙂 from  Valerio Simei “Le nozze alchemiche: l’unione ideale sotto l’influsso delle stelle ”

Astrological secrets about sex and love come from the CieloeTerra teachings.

Charts, quotes and examples as usually chosen by me, searching here and there.


10 thoughts on “About star crossed love

  1. A fantastic article, Marguerita.
    You deserve the oscar´s of traditional astrology.

    I think I will call them the “ptolemy´s”, even though ptolemy was a reformist 🙂

  2. To be honest, I don’t know if I deserve that prize. I will pass my astrological examination just because they know me (so I hope), but I’m quite renowned for my allergy to every great Teacher….I hear everything and then I do with my head.
    But I hear, this is the important point.

    About Mars and Venus, I did not use orbs but I checked dates of visibility.

    Moreover Mars and Venus are so near but their condition is very different in this chart, Mars is still invisible but it is going to have its heliacal rising in a month, so it is stronger and stronger, but for the moment it is invisible, it cannot act; on the other hand Venus is setting in a few days, so it’s very strong in this chart, it’s like the phoenix before the death.

  3. Hi
    I`m very confused about this oriental-occidental and matutine thing.
    Can you tell me if the significant planets in my chart are in feminine or masculine areas?
    I got sun at 18 capricorn, Venus at 14 of same sign and Mars at 12 in house 8 and 9 as Gemini is rising. Moon is in 10th house.
    Jupiter and saturn close to MC. But you can verify yourself
    I was born on 9 january 1962 at 14.15 in Lisbon, Portugal


  4. This thing of matutine and vespertine are not easy to grasp, I know.

    Anyway Moon in Pisces=feminine and the same the Sun in Capricorn.
    Mars and Venus are with the Sun, so they depend on the which sign they are, in Capricorn, feminine.

  5. @ gjiada:
    Anyway I know the Marquis of Sade had Scorpio rising and Gemini Sun in house 8 according to astrotheme

  6. Great article, Margherita!
    I would like to add an indicator of sexual excess. Schoener in Chapter 12, page 171 in his “On the Judgement of Nativities”,3 Books, R.Hand ARHAT, says:

    “If Venus is with Mars or Jupiter alone without aspects of Saturn, he will want to have great pleasures wanton and live luxuriously. But if one is an evening star and the other a morning star, want to mate with the native men and women…and if both stars are Venus and Jupiter in the morning, he will commit the act only with males.”

    Margherita, would you please tell me what the name of the astronomy program that you are using is?(the one displaying the beautiful black pictures as in this post) I searched all your posts and did not find the name. I am asking because I would like to find the current positions of the stars which “incite passions” given by Anonymous which you cite in this article and in others. Obviously they are powerful, but they are so small that all my 4 astrological programs do not display them. I tried adding the precesion to get their current positions but it is not very clear, at least to me, which year as point of reference Anonymous uses – Ptolemy’s or his, as he seems to be alternating with the many stars he describes. Luckily, the stars I am looking for all belong to constellations on the ecliptic so parans are unlikely to be necessary, but still to ask you: does your astronomical program calculate parans? I have looked into Bernadette Brady’s “Starlight” but its descriptions of the parans are way too modern and fluffy.

  7. Thank you for disclosing the name of the program. I checked the website and they offer 3 variations, each with a different price: Starry Night Enthusiast, Starry Night Pro and Starry Night Pro Plus. Which one is yours? Thank you.

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