Anton Grigoryev, comet Lulin and copies of astrological posts

Surfing the net this morning I found this article posted today

in the blog of Anton Grigoryev

which is the copycat of my post about the comet Lulin written the 9th of February:

Cardano became Campanella and PseudoPtolemaus Ephastio, but what? Obviously traditional sources are in agreement.

So please let’s try to respect others’work.

There is even the picture of the constellation as I did!

Moreover Anton Grigoryev was a friend with whom I shared everything for 4 years, to whom I opened my house in Rome, and who disappeared without any word and without giving back  money I gave to him,  a lot of money for me.

He knows quite well next week I will go to the Police in fact.

I believed he was a dear friend, I asked him to avoid this shame of Police, but the only reply I have is his copy-cat post.

I believe that in life one should be honest and true with everybody, and a man who steals money to a woman is a shameful view. Especially  when he writes her she is a stupid and then he copies her post.

p.s. the reference for Cardano and the comets against the order of the signs is in the post of the 1st February, to be precise

Added the 22nd of February:

Moreover there are things unclear to me in his article. In the part where he does not follow my article, obviously 🙂 the part about images of Astrolabium Planum – Anton writes “Johannes Engel says in his book that his list of degree symbols is based on the manuscript attributed to Pietro d’Abano. Only one manuscript with this text survived, and rather of all it is precisely the same manuscript used by Engel. Sometimes Engel rather paraphrase the manuscript, but this symbol he repeats almost verbatim.”

The manuscript in Munchen library is quite different. Federici Vescovini – the Italian expert of Abano who found the manuscript  describes it in one of her lectures. The three facies at the beginning of every sign are missing. In fact Engel in adding them is not using the facie rulership used in Albumasar chapter which is the source of the book – and there  is no trace of the famous pictures.  So according the Italian Professor, Engel largely reshaped the text. I’m translating her words verbatim.

This is the incipit of Aries, in fact (Wikipedia miracles):

How Anton can know the surviving manuscript is “the same manuscript used by Engel” this is a mistery to me.

In every case Abano took his book by the Spanish iluminated book written in the Court of Alphonse the Wise. Translation of the pages about paranatellonta have been translated by me last year, and could be downloaded here.

12 thoughts on “Anton Grigoryev, comet Lulin and copies of astrological posts

  1. Hi, Marguerita
    I also have been copied in the past, sometimes by the same people that criticized me.

  2. you have been copied by someone you believed a friend for 4 years and who betrayed hospitality and friendship and disappearead with your money?
    And that writes you privately “You can’t count till 20” and then elaborates your post written just in order to update the blog?

    Moreover Anton already did this. He used a lecture which we wrote together – the one about Farnesina frescos- for one of his lecture, simply withdrawing my name. You can easily check in his blog: no mention to me.

    For me it’s very difficult to face this. It seems to me a nightmare.

    Thanks for the comment, in every case.

  3. Once again, the high moral quality of what makes up the ‘astrological community’ and ‘well-known’ astrologers rears its ugly head. Sadly, I think this sort of behavior is rather typical. My condolences, Marguerita. 😦

    Actually I remember when this particular individual didn’t know how to calculate any of these directions until I gave him the necessary equations. It was years ago, and I can’t say I really care, as math is math to me, but I don’t ever remember even a thank you, and that was enough for me to know his character.

    This was before I got to know some of the grimy details of what goes on in astrological circles, some of the stuff I’ve heard would make your hair curl. Better to keep a respectful distance before being made a meal of.

  4. Such lack of intergrity is indeed quite shocking in a person who seeks to be a recognised authority in astrology.

    Still what goes around comes around. This information will create gossip which will surely damage his reputation and deservedly so. It must be all the more upsetting from someone you considered a close friend.

  5. Yes, Gimelresh, it is sad but I would like to know your grimy details. Send me a private message one day 🙂

    But yes, it is unfortunately common stuff. One astrologers who is in Marguerittas blogroll (I won´t say who, try to guess) did exactly that, s/he learn a lot of astrology with a person, and never said a simple “thank you”. And nowadays it translates articles from good astrologers, modifies a thing or two and try to sell it as its own.

    sad but true 😦

  6. I’m sad that I’d have to say it, Marguerita. It would be good to have the astrological field filled with men( and women 🙂 ) of honor, but unfortunately that is not the case.

  7. a part of me cannot believe all these pettiness and lack of any shame, but against any evidence, at this point it is obvious.

    I mean there is plenty of thieves in Italy too, but at least they try to hide their awful activities in secret. They have at least shame of their own actions.
    A man without any honour and dignity, who can profit from a woman, for an Italian is worse than a worm.

  8. I must correct myself; Anton Grigoryev did thank me for giving him the equations for primaries and pointing him to the source of them, which was Makransky’s book Primary Directions.

  9. >I must correct myself

    Everybody in this thread must correct his/herself. For that, just read the Grigoryev’s article about Lulin Comet. It is pretty easy to understand that nothing was “stolen” from Margareta. Yes, Anton writes about the same comet, but he did not choose the timing; it is the comet to blame. Yes, Anton uses traditional sources. What a crime! Do you really think, that Margareta has copyright on these sources?

    To cut a long story short – much ado about nothing!

    All the rest is a fruit of Margareta’s imagination. Don’t take this crap for granted.

  10. If Gimelresh had acknowledgements for what he gave to Anton, better for him (and especially for Anton).

    About me, I should say that I shared with Anton Grigoryev all I had in my astrological library for 4 years , I gave my money and my credit card, I opened to him my house and he disappeared without giving back neither the credit card (a common friend pushed him to send me after months) or the money, and not even tell me a word if not asking me back 20 euro !!!! for the pdf he sent me when I copied for him – paying with my money – “Astrolabium Planum” in Biblioteca Nazionale, which he sold (having profits from this selling) with the Paypal account I opened for him.

    You know quite well this, but as you told me “you don’t want discuss Anton morality with me.”

    On the contrary for me, morality is VERY important.

    About the post of the comet, Anton is not a stupid, he elaborated it. But what about Pseudo-Ptolemaus, and the cerulean colour, and the comet against the order of the sign? and Haly sizigy, and the astronomical picture? Moreover I talked a lot more of the comet in Skyscript in a thread which followed my post, because everybody asked me about Haly method.

    It is the same post with a different date, but all the references are the same.

    And what about the lecture about the Agostino Chigi? Why the Roman lecture which we wrote together is not mentioned in Anton’s blog, but it appears as written just by him?

    You can say whatever you want – Anton is just a man who can profit from a woman, knowing she has nobody who can support her.

    If he has no shame for his actions……
    But he makes believe nothing and he goes on quiet to write on your astrological forum and maybe in some days he had the heart to write in his English blog. I never saw nothing like that! No dignity, no honesty, no uprightness… This is not a Man for an Italian.

    p.s. in every case I have all the receipts, and the envelope with the date when i had back the credit card, if you desire to see them.


  11. Comments about Anton are closed.
    I will delete whatever comment I will receive about this shameful story – if someone wants to see receipts and mails I will send.

    The only thing I understood I was lucky that when Anton was here in my house at least he did not steal my silver forks.

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