A new page about all the nice things people think about me and the ones I love.

The worst ones aren’t taken into consideration, there are so many awful things in the world that I believe we should not give other room.

Many years ago a priest talking about the presence of the Devil in the Church of San Giovanni in Laterano – a place dedicated to Catholic exorcisms, told me we should never mention the Evil because if we talk too much about him, he arrives. So….

Sub umbra alarum tuam, Jehova

(Fama Fraternitas, or A Discovery of the Fraternity of the most laudable Order of the Rosy Cross, 1614)


Surfing in the net I found these pictures in a wicca site, the seven witches site, and I cannot resist, the cat is fantastic.



Thanks to Mark Cullen in Skyscript forum for the International Year of Astronomy a series of video lectures about astronomy (and astrology) from Babylon to Renaissance. Experts of Internet can even grab videos, great! Here




I will start with the page with Sue Ward. There are many blogs I read  and I believe blogs and sites in my blogroll are all  worthing, but I especially liked Sue Ward article about broken nails.

Surely I’m not the one who should say who is Sue Ward, she is a teacher for all us, but this article is a masterpiece.

Read the article

***** Deliciae

Broken nails post in Susan Ward blog




Quanzhi Ye, the discoverer of the comet Lulin talks about his comet and the astrologers who commented its activity, me and others.  It seems that the gentle author of this blog is a kind of Sybill (from Harry Potter).

I always desired to be a Sybill… in fact the Sybill is a traditional character of Roman mythology. The story in fact says that Sibilla Cumana offered her nine books, called Libri Sibillini to Tarquinio the Proud. He replied they were too much expensive, so the Sibilla burned three of them and offered again to the King. The King refused and the Sibilla burned other three.  Again she offered the last three books to the King, and he should accept and pay them at the price asked for the complete set. For that moment on they were consulted in the most serious moment of the story of  Rome.

So I forgive Quanzhi Ye with ***** deliciae

Read the article


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