Death at G20

Yesterday 01 st April 2009 at 7:30 pm a man has been found dead during the protests at the G20 summit in London.

English police is not like Italian one, so they did not shoot at him as they did with Carletto Giuliani during Genoa G8. Maybe the man collapsed during the protests, I read here and there yesterday the police did not attack protesters, just kept protesters inside  closed areas.

The man is shown by Venus,  ruler of the Ascendant in the sixth house.
Venus is retrograde  in the sign of her detriment, in Mars sign – which rules the seventh house of the open enemies. Venus is invisible so there is some mistery and hidden circumstances behind this death, and matutine.
The retrograde conjunction is not good as the vespertine one, so Venus is very damaged: morever she is falling from the angle, in the house traditionally associated with sickness.

Mars – open enemies- has a better position: it’s oriental, even if it is still invisible, so secrets, secrets, secrets…It is in Pisces, Venus exaltation, so I believe that English Police is very careful with massmedia, they don’t want to show excessive violence.

I would give to G20 group the tenth house: Moon is in her domicile, and in the ninth house, which is proper for me because they represent a group of different nations, even I’m not sure they share the same interests. The applying square to Venus is not good for protesters interests, in every case.

Still I would not bet on the side of the Great 20, Part of Fortune is opposite to the Moon, maybe with economic crisis times are changing?


2 thoughts on “Death at G20

  1. Interesting post!
    If you compare this to the helicopter crash which happened on the same day you can see what effect this debilitated Venus and the Mars Saturn opposition had. What a day!

    PS congratulations to successful switchover of sites!

  2. I read that many traditional astrologers say that Venus cycle starts with the retrograde conjunction, but I was not taught like that.
    If I understand well CieloeTerra lessons retrograde conjunction has some unclear and unwanted effect. They prefer the direct conjunction, i.e. the matutine setting or especially the vespertine rising. It’s the best moment for inner planets.
    So I should agree with you, this Venus is not good for what she rules.

    And thanks for the mention to the site, I did everything from myself, from the installation to the choice of plugins, to some small tweak in the template.

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