The Italian earthquake

Yesterday night a strong earthquake (magnitude 6.3) killed 207 victims and still 15  people are missing.


L’Aquila is a Medieval city in the heart of Italy, admist the mountains and the National Park of Abruzzo.

The legend says that there is strong connections between this city and the Templars, the soldiers of the Temple of  King Salomon. The city was built by Frederick II,  the Stupor Mundi – and many say the city was built on the map of Holy city of Jerusalem, where Frederick should have many  connections because he had organised the sixth crusade.

The map of  L’Aquila:


And in L’Aquila was elected the Pope Celestine V, the Pope of the great refusal, as he is called by Dante in Divina Commedia. Celestine did not live in Rome, but in L’Aquila, where he built a wonderful church- with which money? Celestine was an hermit- St. Maria of Collemaggio.


Inside the church many see the evidence of Templars iconography: the same story says that Templars entrusted their most precious relic – the Holy Chalice – to Celestine, who resigned from the Papacy because he should guard the Grail, which is still hidden somewhere in L’aquila or in Colledimaggio.

What does it remain of these frescoes and church is unclear at the moment I’m writing, this morning they had another strong seismic wave, and now while I’m writing another, I’m a little scared because we heard all of them in Rome.

Let’s see the chart of the yesterday event.

sshot-2020-02-13-[16-43-10]At the Ascendant is rising Dabih of Capricorn while at MC there is the Northern Scale.

Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant is on the cusp of the eighth house of death. It is retrograde, peregrine, against its hairesis being a day planet in a night chart. Its ruler is Mercury which according the manuscript Laurentianus 38:

when is the ruler of a chart  is the cause of earthquakes according its condition.

The Almuten of the chart is Mars, lord of Ascendant by exaltation and by (partecipanting) triplicity in partile oppostion to Saturn.

Mars is with the stars of the water of Aquarius, which are in the list of the stars called azemena, i.e. very dangerous and harmful.


Placido Titi wrote

Violent calamities are caused, in the judgement of eclipses, by malefic stars when they both behold the Lights, and when in the eclipse place or in the following or preceding angle, there are the brighter of malefic stars, like Regulus, Antares, Sirius, Procyon, Aldebaran, Orion and others.

Many centuries before Manilius in Astronomica clearly explained how violent are the stars near the fixed signs, especially the hearts of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Altair, the brilliant of Aquila. 

And this would be enough for me. Anyway let’s give a look to some other charts:

1) the last visible eclipse in L’Aquila

sshot-2020-02-13-[16-44-36]According Ptolemy in fact we should consider just visible eclipses. Let’s see how Cardano – in the comment of Tetrabiblos- could read this chart:

The eclipse is very near to MC, at 0.53 from it,   so events will start to happen after 6-0.53=5.47  months, 5 months and 14 days, i.e. 14 September 2006. The duration of the eclipse is 2:18′ , i.e. 2 years 3 months and some days, i.e. 27 months. So effects will start from September 2006, and they will last 27 months, especially in the second third of them.

Let’s say that we are a little out with this way to judge the eclipse, but it’s just a way, for example Haly gives 12 years as duration of an eclipse.

In every case Mars rules the sizigy and both the MC and Asc having a right as one of the triplicity rulers of Water signs.

At the Descendant is setting another of azemena stars, the tail of Capricorn.

2) the Aries Ingress


The Aries ingress repeats the same angles as the eclipse, Moon in the sixth house is with the tail of Capricorn, the stars we have mentioned above.

The MC is exactly in the place of the eclipse of 2006.

The earthquake was activated when Saturn arrived to the opposition with Mars.

A last mention is necessary to the comet Lulin.

As Valerio in a comment  and Mark in one of Skyscript threads suggests, now  it seems to me better to consider the  moment of the greatest visibility because this comet seems to have some  influence on Italy, because Leo is the constellation where the comet had the maximum visibility on the 24th February 2009:

sshot-2020-02-13-[16-46-01]Written by Margherita Fiorello @ year 2009



Marco Fumagalli: Il terremoto del Sichuan orientale (Phos, 17)

Rosalba Signorello: Le eclissi di Sole e il tempo degli eventi (Phos, 16)

Marcus Manilius, Il Poema Degli Astri (cura Simonetta Feraboli, Enrico Flores, Riccardo Scarcia), 1° ed. (Verona: Fondazione Lorenzo Valla : A. Mondadori, 2001). 

10 thoughts on “The Italian earthquake

  1. Hi..Margie and all the people. It’s time to return to copy ideas and materials of engineers of ancient Rome. In L’Aquila a lot of new houses imploded in this tragical event…The comet Lulin give this massive earthquake, ’cause it raise to the max magnitude in virgin, in conjunction with saturn, and Abruzzi is traditional under Virgo sign. Sincronicity? Maybe, but where are the predictions of astrologers?

  2. That is article worth of reading, margherita.

    What program is that where you can see the planets and the comets? interesting.


  3. Starry nights.
    I believe there are other software but Starry Nights has a better graphic, it seems to me.

  4. Hi Margherita,

    Excellent work and a beautiful presentation too. It must be difficult writing in such a clear way on such a tragic event so close to home.

    Starry Nights really does seem worth the investment. It allows you to work out in mundo stars rather than just projecting generalised positions on to the ecliptic? In that respect it seems better value than Brady’s software (Starlight) as she only uses a limited number of fixed stars.

    On the topic of comets I really need to emphasize comet McNaught. This appeared in January 2007 and was the brightest comet for 35 years. At its point of maximum magnitude it was at 28-29 Capricorn which co-incides with the rising degree of this chart.

    This is also the degree of the Moon in the Thailand National chart which is in the news again right now.

  5. This earthquake was something that made us understand how much we have and how we are lucky.
    It’s difficult to complain when we are seeing people who should borrow even clothes.

  6. In the chart of the earthquake itself, Scorpio culminates and, as you have commented, Mars is an important factor especially as it is so malevolently connected with Saturn. However, you might be interested to know that Scorpio is associated with the Eagle and, for those who don’t know, in English L’Aquila means “the Eagle”. Did you notice that the constellation of the same name rises?

    Just one of those little facts that catch my eye.

    Sue Ward

  7. Yes, Scorpio is associated with Eagle. I know quite well because a couple of years ago I became mad to find a proper quote, but I could not find. Still in Middle Ages the Eagle was associated with Scorpio, no hope. Maybe it comes from Ezechiel’s vision, but I could not solve this riddle.

    About the constellation, I – as they teach in CieloeTerra, the Italian traditional Association- use stars as they are in the sky. And the Eagle is already risen at 3:32.

    This is the sky in L’Aquila at the moment of the earthquake.

    But I know that many Renaissance astrologers used stars by longitude, and having the constellation with the same name is an interesting sincronicity one should consider, I agree with you.

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