I receive incessant letters  about  Cagliostro, so this is the moment to know him better.
Cagliostro the cat  shares his name with the Italian adventurer Giuseppe Balsamo, who claimed to be in fact the Count of Cagliostro.

Cagliostro spent the greater part of his life as a guest in the most beautiful castles of Europe, in France, in Poland, in Russia with his wonderful wife Lorenza, he used to push in the bed of his rich friends.

But Cagliostro was more  than an adventurer, he was an occultist and alchemist and many believed in supernatural powers. He claimed his knowledge was in verbis, in herbis, in lapidibus, i.e in words, in herbs, in stones – as scondrels we know quite well have the heart to repeat even now 😦

And he was the author of the famous slogan “libertè, egalitè,fraternitè.” In France, involved in the scandal of  Marie Antoniette’s necklace he foresaw the end of the monarchy and the death of the king. Arrested by the Pope, he was imprisoned in Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome and then in San Leo Fortress, where he died. When Napoleon’s soldiers conquered Italy they searched for Cagliostro to save him, but they were too late.

But Cagliostro the cat has another famous namesake,  the black cat of the Italian version of the movie Bell, Book and Candle, i.e. the black familiar of the witch and her brother, musician of the Zodiac Club.

So this is Cagliostro, the most famous of astro-cats:

If you liked him you could be interested in the learned Belial , who spends his cat-time studying Giuseppe Bezza.


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