Plague, poison and swine flu

Just a quick look to swine influenza.
In Italy we had some cases in tourists recently arrived from Mexico but they are recovering now, on the other hand influenza seems deadly just in Mexico. We can guess some reasons, at least we read them in our newspapers, and we can see others from an astrological point of view.

Considering that  first cases was registered in April, let’s start from the Aries Ingress in Mexico city.


Both the malefics are near the Ascendant- Descendant axis.

Now I should quote a reference given by the astrologer Caroline Allen in Astroweather list from George McCormack:

Hippocrates – the father of medicine – in the 5th century BC held that all epidemics come from the atmosphere. He classified acute fevers and eruptive inflammatory diseases – scarlatina, measles and kindred ailments as Martial, or under the influence of Mars. Deep seated depressions or congestions, whether benign or malignant, were classified as Saturnine (resolving from Saturn’s position and configurations).

I was not able to find the exact quote, but it should be true because Ptolemy writes:

Hence, when Saturn may be sole governor, he will produce disasters concomitant with cold. And, in as far as the event may apply to the human race in particular, it will induce among men lingering diseases, consumptions, declines, rheumatisms, disorders from watery humours, and attacks of the quartan ague; as well as exile, poverty, and a general mass of evils, griefs, and alarm.  ((Tetr.II,9))

In every case, it was well known at the beginning of Renaissance that the cause of the plague of the 1345 was the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the human sign of Aquarius, while 100 years after Marsilio Ficino could write:

This poisoned vapour has been formed in the air, in the more general pestilences by the evil constellations, especially by the conjunctions between Saturn and Mars in the human signs and by the eclipses of the Lights, as the present plague of 1478-1479 and especially injures the men and the places which have the Ascendant  afflicted by them.  ((Consilio contro la pestilentia, II))

Unfortunately Mexico was not known by Ptolemy, so we cannot use traditional astrological chorography, so let’s try with astrocartography: (( see Marco Fumagalli, Il terremoto del Sichuan orientale))


Both the malefics are crossing the Mexican area, where Saturn was traditionally linked with this illness and with one of its main cause, the rats.


Carolyn Egan replying to my post in her Astroweather list stressed the fact that Mars -fever- is crossing the place where the epidemics started.

Now let’s see if we can find some malefic stars here or there:


Let’s notice that while Mars is in angle and Saturn is in the opposite one, Shaula is culminating at MC.

The same Shaula in an astronomy software:


Shaula is one of the stars in the sting of the Scorpio, Mercury -Mars nature according Ptolemy. It is the second brighter star of the Scorpio and one of the stars of the 19th lunar mansion, unfortunate in nature. ((see Hermes Zodiologion, from Vat.Reg. 1283, free download from Library page in this blog ))

In traditional Renaissance texts it is linked with death by poisoning.

Maybe this makes no sense for non-Italian readers, but in Italy every student knows quite well Alessandro Manzoni’ s The Betrothed and his description of the plague, so we know quite well what an untore is.

People had again seen, or this time they fancied they had seen anointed walls, entrances to public buildings, doors of private houses, and knockers. The news of these discoveries flew from mouth to mouth; and, as it happens even more than usually in great prepossessions, the report produced the same effect that the sight of it would have done. The minds of the populace, ever more and more embittered by the actual presence of suffering, and irritated by the pertinacity of the danger, embraced this belief the more willingly; for anger burns to execute its revenge, and, as a very worthy man acutely observes on this same subject, would rather attribute evils to human wickedness, upon which it might vent its tormenting energies, than acknowledge them from a source which leaves no other remedy than resignation. A subtle, instantaneous, exceedingly penetrating poison, were words more than enough to explain the virulence, and all other most mysterious and unusual accompaniments of the contagion. It was said that this venom was composed of toads, of serpents, of saliva and matter from infected persons, of worse still, of everything, in short, that wild and perverse fancy could invent which was foul and atrocious. To these was added witchcraft, by which any effect became possible, every objection lost its force, every difficulty was resolved. If the anticipated effects had not immediately followed upon the first anointing, the reason was now clear—it had been the imperfect attempt of novices in the art of sorcery; now it was more matured, and the wills of the perpetrators were more bent upon their infernal project. Now, had any one still maintained that it had been a mere trick, had any one still denied the existence of a conspiracy, he would have passed for a deluded or obstinate person; if, indeed, he would not have fallen under the suspicion of being interested in diverting public scrutiny from the truth, of being an accomplice, a poisoner. The term very soon became common, solemn, tremendous. With such a persuasion, that poisoners there were, some must almost infallibly be discovered: all eyes were on the look-out; every act might excite jealousy; and jealousy easily became certainty, and certainty fury. ((Alessandro Manzoni (1785–1873). I Promessi Sposi. The Harvard Classics. Chap.XXXII))

During Middle Ages and Renaissance in fact the main cause of the plague, together with astral conjunctions was the evil actions of the poisoners, people who spread a white powder or ointment on things, the untori 🙂 It was a real witch hunting and many were the victims accused to spread the infection.

It’s not a coincidence the first case of swine flu in Italy – after recovering from his illness – told to the journalists  without  waiting their questions: “I’m not an untore”!

The constellations in the sky and its stars, and the poison as  main cause of plague, is so well known while Ficino is writing his book about the plague that he gives his remedies against it.

The Chaldeans advised the King of Persia, in order to protect himself from every poison and venomous sickness, of engraving in the haematite stone, a kneeling man with a snake who is keeping in his right hand the head of the snake and the tail  in his left one and putting this stone in a golden ring and under this stone the root of serpentary  ((Arum dracunculus)) and wear this ring.

The second remedy is very famous between astrologers:

Hamamed states you should engrave the image of a scorpion when the Moon in Scorpio is beholding the Ascendant. Then seal the incense with it, when the Moon is in Scorpio, and use the incense as remedy for poison and the stone has the same use. Abdallahanarach  states he saw this bezaar stone and that one of Amamari’s sons, charged with power, bought this stone paying for it the whole Cordoba’s palace.

Where we have already read this?

While we were chatting they heard the a man, bitten by a poisoned scorpion, who was dying. The young man took from the bag a cloth where they were several talismans smelling like incense, he chose one, and ordered it was given with a drink to the man so the man could recover….. And suddenly the pains and the moans stopped and the man recovered. I examined the amulet which showed the image of a Scorpio, and I asked why it was so effective. The young man showed me a golden ring with a bezahar stone, with a scorpio engraved. I pressed him because I wanted to know what was that image and wich occult influence made possible the recovery: he told me that the engraving was made while the Moon was in the second facie of Scorpio and this was the power of the ring.  ((Picatrix, II,1))

The Picatrix, obviously 🙂

Written by Margherita Fiorello @ year 2009


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