The Sun enters in Berlusconi’s harem

While newspapers are concentrated on Iran revolt, and astrologers from all the world  too,  your gentle author is going to explore a little a lighter event, an Italian scandal to the light of traditional astrology. She cannot miss the opportunity to talk about her Prime Minister, in fact 🙂

Silvio Berlusconi was accused by several escorts and models to organize “particular” parties in Sardinia, in Villa Certosa, and in Rome in his residence, Villa Grazioli. Some pictures can give the idea.

Now let’s show the Ingress chart for Summer, this scandal in fact is born in these days.

Summer Ingress, 21 June 2009, h.7.45 AM Rome, Italy

I would take Venus as ruler of this Ingress.

The Sun enters in Cancer during a Venus hour and Venus is very strong in her sign and in her triplicity, in the house of good fortune.

The Ascendant degree, 26 Cancer,  is in Venus triplicity and terms and Venus is aspecting it with a large sextile.

And Venus means women…..

Now let’s see where we can find our Chief of the Government. The tenth house falls in Aries, so it is ruled by Mars.

As Venus, it is against its hairesis, a night planet in a day chart. Why Venus is against her hairesis too? Because she shows us how women are strong and influential now, but maybe this is not the best example of activities women should be interested.

Anyway, our Mars condition  is considerably worse. In his detriment, and in Venus hands!

Venus and Mars are together in the 16th degree of Taurus.

Firmicus Maternus: ” (The Ascendant) in the 16th degree of Taurus will pollute the native with every vice.” ((Mathesis, 8.XX))

Liber Hermetis: “This degree makes the sexually perverted, makers of turpitudes, and lovers of music,  and friendly… ” ((chapter XXV))

The seven birds, Pleiades in Astrolabium Planum rising with the 15th degree of Taurus

In general these qualities of  Taurus are linked with the seven Pleiades which according Ptolemy’s catalogue occupy the first part of the constellation.

Manilius writes – and it seems he was thinking to Berlusconi 🙂  Beneath their influence devotees of Bacchus and Venus are born into kindly light, and people whose insouciance runs free at feasts and banquets and who strive to provoke sweet mirth with biting wit. ((Astronomica, V 143-145 ))

It fits? Venus -which rules the hidden fourth house in the chart- and Mars at the highest point of the chart seem to say that secret parties and banquets are public now. And the poor Mars is starting to be worried….

Written by Margherita Fiorello @ year 2009


Marcus Manilius, Il Poema Degli Astri (cura Simonetta Feraboli, Enrico Flores, Riccardo Scarcia), 1° ed. (Verona: Fondazione Lorenzo Valla : A. Mondadori, 2001).

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2 thoughts on “The Sun enters in Berlusconi’s harem

  1. There is the remaining part of the XVI degree of Taurus which I have not copied…..
    But not, I’m sure we will enjoy Berlusconi for many years.

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