Michael Jackson birth chart, animodar, isaritmia and much more

The gentle author of this blog is not very fond of Michael Jackson music- she has different musical tastes and never in her life took Michael Jackson into consideration- but as every astrologer, she uses people as guinea pigs for her experiments, and she cannot miss this chart.

She likes very much the reading Ben Dykes wrote some years ago (( http://www.bendykes.com/articles.htm )) but she did not study with Robert Zoller…

Let’s start from the birth time. Let us say that mine is just an experiment.

Some times ago I already mentioned in this blog the “isaritmia” and I translated from CieloeTerra site Marco Fumagalli’s article about Lady Di.

Isaritmia is the sophisticated method of rectification based on Ptolemy’s chapter about animodar used in CieloeTerra. This is THEIR method so I believe it’s right giving them any credit for it, mistakes are obviously from  me.

They run a wonderful astrology course where they explain their methods better than me, so if someone is interested  could write them at CieloeTerra site.

Ptolemy writes:

To obviate the difficulty arising from the inaccuracy of these instruments, it seems highly necessary to present some method by which the actually ascending degree of the zodiac may be easily ascertained, in a natural and consistent manner.

And in order to attain this essential point, it is necessary first to set down the ordinary degree which, by the Doctrine of Ascensions,  is found near the ascendant at the presumed hour. After this has been done, the new or full Moon, whichever it may be, that may take place next before the time of parturition, must be observed: and, if a new Moon, it will be necessary to mark exactly the degree of the conjunction of the two luminaries; but, if a full Moon, the degree of luminary only which may be above the earth during the parturition. After this, it must be observed what planets have dominion over the said degree: and their dominion depends always on the five following prerogatives, viz. on triplicity, house, exaltation, terms, and phase or configuration; that is to say, a planet, eligible to dominion, must be connected with the degree in question either by one, or more, or all of these prerogatives. ((Tetrabiblos, III 3))

1) The first part of the process consists in taking the preceding syzygy and choosing its ruler, the planet which has greater rights according the table of dignity.

Michael Jackson was born a few hours after the New Moon, which falls at 5.24 Pisces.

Full Moon, 29 August 1958, Gary, h. 00:53 AM

The  Moon is the light above the horizon, so let us consider which planet has greatest dignity in the 6th degree Pisces.

Domicile Exaltation Triplicity Terms Facie Aspect(s)
Jupiter Venus Mars Venus Saturn Jupiter

Venus here is in her hairesis because it’s a night planet in a night chart while Jupiter not, but Moon is separating from Jupiter while Venus has no aspects with the Moon so I would prefer Jupiter.

2) the key point of isaritmia method is we should use – according Ptolemy – the method of ascensions, without considering ahime 😦 longitudes.

A planet should be far from the cusp of a house the same distance of the sign which is already culminated or should yet culminate (or the part of the sign which is already risen or should yet rise).

I started from Ben Dykes rectification, for 11:23 PM

Michael Jackson rectification according Ben Dykes
Michael Jackson rectification according Ben Dykes

Unfortunately – at least I cannot see it – there is no isaritmia in this chart because half of Gemini has already risen and half of Aquarius is already culminating but Jupiter is on the cusp on the 6th house, it has already crossed all the 5th house.

Isaritmia means the same proportion, so Jupiter should be at the half of its house as the Ascendant or the MC is at the middle of the sign.

So I searched for one, but I’m more concentrated on the method than about a right birth time  and Dykes could be right with his rectification: eventually the only rectification is the one by accidents. And I want to save the Gemini rising.

I found this one:

Isaritmia for Michael Jackson, h:11:02 pm
Isaritmia for Michael Jackson, h:11:02 pm

I should consider which part of Aquarius at MC is already culminating with its right ascensions and which part of Gemini is already risen with its oblique ascensions.

Let’s try with MC.

It takes 29.55′ degrees of right ascension for Aquarius to wholly culminate at latitude of 41N35.

30 Aquarius RA = 332.06′

0 Aquarius RA = 302.11′


29.55′  ==> 29.916

Then I consider the part is already culminated (8 Aquarius at MC).

8 Aquarius RA =  311.00′

0 Aquarius RA = 302.11′


8.49′  ==> 8.817

now, which distance is the right proportion? I need just a simple proportion

29.916 : 2 = 8.817 : x

x= 0.589

So Jupiter should have the same distance from the previous or following cusp.

The astrological software Morinus gives Placido’s speculum for all the planets. Let’s take information for Jupiter:

Longitude - Latitude- RA - declination - Semiarc - meridian distance

Let’s calculate temporal hours

temporal hours= semiarc/6

temporal hours= 98.96/6= 16.49

and now….hourly distance

hourly distance= meridian distance/temporal hours

hourly distance= 75.90/16.49=4.602

Jupiter is distant from the Meridian 4.602 hours, i.e it’s in 6th house because with Placido, every house is 2 hours.

But if every house – according Placido- is 2 hours it is distant 0.602 from the 6th house….

This is our isaritmia because it’s almost the same quantity of Aquarius culminating.

The difference 0.602-0.589= 0.013 is 0.013×60=0.78, less than a minute.


Let’s try the quick method 🙂 

In regard to the body, therefore, it is in all cases requisite to observe the oriental horizon, and to ascertain what planets may preside or have dominion over it, and also to pay particular attention to the Moon. For, from both these places, 1 and from their rulers, as well as from the natural formation and contemperament appertaining to every species of the human race, and also from the figure ascribed to those fixed stars which may be co-ascending, the conformation of the body is to be inferred. ((Tetrabiblos, III, 16))

Domicile Exaltation Triplicity Term Facie Aspects
Ascendant Mercury
Mercury Mercury Jupiter Venus, Mars, Saturn
Moon Jupiter Venus Mars Mercury Saturn Mars, Saturn

Mercury is obviously the ruler of the temperament, which is mostly hot:

Mercury, when oriental, makes the personal figure of a honey complexion, and of stature proportionate and well-shaped, with small eyes and a moderate growth of hair; and the bodily temperament is chiefly hot.

Mars being oriental gives to Mercury moisture, and the same Venus and Jupiter, moist planets. Moon is hot being in her full phase, and moist because in Pisces and in the first quadrant.

A sanguine temperament is confirmed by the kind of death. Sanguine natives are very strong so they tend to abuse of their strength, and generally death is sudden because the body at some point fails.

Generally  sanguine temperament is mixed with melancholic or phlegmatic one:  and in this case in my opinion- a melancholic temperament with all Jackson maniac/depressive signs. Giovan Battista Della Porta after repeating Ptolemy’s words, writes:

Ptolemy writes that an oriental Mercury is  hot, while a western  one is dry. But some authors more quickly say that it is cold and dry, so for its dryness makes a slim body and without flesh, emaciated, and indented the eyes, thin lips, and a thin voice….And Maternus says: they will suffer the illnesses of the soul, they will not see big things and the small ones they will see big, and awful thoughts, and restlessness of the mind, and they will look like mad…  ((Giovan Battista Della Porta, Della celeste fisionomica libri sei, Napoli, 1614.))


This is a chapter occult to me, because there are so many limits that it’s almost impossible to find a planet….Generally we should consider just Mercury, Venus and Mars when they have some dignity on the MC or if they are in the tenth or  if they are in heliacal phase to Sun- unfortunately all the planets are in the wrong place here: Mars is oriental but very far from its phase, it’s going to do its station, and Venus and Mercury are both oriental while they should follow their hairesis 😦

In every case these latter planets are angular in the fourth house. Paulus Alexandrinus:

About the stars with a swift motion we can discuss about activities, because  action has a swift motion. These stars are those of Mars, Venus and Mercury and every art and science can be considered because of these three stars. About the places which are effective because of the presence of these stars, they are: all the angles, their following places and the sixth place from the horoscope. (( Paulus Alexandrinus, Introduzione all’astrologia. Lineamenti introduttivi alla previsione astronomica  cura Giuseppe Bezza, (Milano: Mimesis, 2000). ))

In this chart Mercury and Venus are in an angle, Mercury – even if in the wrong side of the Sun is going to its heliacal phase (it’s becoming visible) and has the greatest rights on MC (for triplicity and terms, Venus has the facie), so let’s say that:

Further, should it happen that two arbiters of employment may be found together, and provided they should be Mercury and Venus, they will then produce musicians, melodists, and persons engaged in music, poetry, and songs: they will also produce (especially if changed in their places), mimics, actors, dealers in slaves, makers of musical instruments, choristers and musical performers, dancers, weavers, modellers in wax, and painters. (( Tetrabiblos, IV, 4 . In fact the gentle author of this blog has a wonderful Venus/Mercury mutual reception  ‘:) ))


As Paulus Alexandrinus states :

If the Sun or the Moon or the greater part of the stars would be at the IC, (natives) will be famous and rich, but they finish their life in an awful way or they will be thrown in discords or  will be object of envy and condemnation.


Let’s start from sexual tastes, and here – according Ptolemy – we should check Venus and Mars and their heliacal phase.

Venus is visible and oriental to the Sun, in Leo, masculine sign and quadrant: it gives a male sexual taste, while Mars oriental to the Sun, in Taurus, feminine by sign but in masculine quadrant gives again male sexual taste.

Mars is squaring Venus and Mercury from the Ascendant, Saturn from the other angle finishes the work:

Vettius Valens:

It is necessary to consider how Venus is situated, with what planets and by what planet or planets it is witnessed or mastered. For when it is in tropical zoidia or has dealings in bicorporeal zoidia, especially at night, it makes those who are polygamous and promiscuous, and especially if Mercury should happen to be together with it, or much more so if Mars should also happen to bear witness to it. That is, they come lo have intercourse with male children. And if the zoidion should also happen to be more virile, they become more successful with regard to intercourse. ((II, 38))

Firmicus Maternus:

If Mars is in aspect to Mercury and Venus located together, this indicates an early marriage but connected with some scandal. For then the natives also desire to bed with boys as well as women and seek depraved pleasures beyond measure. ((VI.26))

Generally speaking according Girolamo Cardano:

The commixture of Saturn, Venus and Mercury make the man corrupted in every kind of scandal.


But if Mars, Venus and Mercury are mixed, the corruption will be immense.


There is an interesting direction, which is a little larger, (we should move the birth time  a little behind, but I did not want lose  the Gemini Ascendant) but it’s impossible to miss, the Moon – which is hyleg here – to Mars.

direction with Morinus software
direction with Morinus software

Let’s check Morinus calculation by hand.

The direction is the arc a planet walks until it reaches another point. This distance is taken in hourly distances, i.e the position in the quadrant, considering that every quadrant has 6 hours and every house has 2 hours (with Placido) .

Mars – according Morinus, without latitude has a semiarc of 107.03′ and a meridian distance of   98.40′

So the temporal hours are 107.05/6=17.84

and the hourly distance is 98.66/17.84=5.529

So Mars is distant 5.529 from MC.

Moon – according Morinus, without latitude, has a semiarc of 85.18° and a meridian distance of  36.43′

Same game:

So the temporal hours are 85.30/6=14.216

and the hourly distance is 36.716/14.216=2.582

Moon in fact is in the 11th house, every house is 2 hours in fact.

How are they distant?


Mars has a speed of 17.84, its diurnal temporal hour

arc= 2.947 x 17.84 = 52.574

more or less,  here we are.

Written by Margherita Fiorello @ year 2009


Giancarlo Ufficiale – Lessons for CIDA school in Rome.

Giuseppe Bezza– I seminari di Roma

Cieloeterra – GLI ECCESSI DELLE PASSIONI E LE LORO DEVIAZIONI secondo Claudio Tolemeo e altri grandi Maestri dell’Arte



7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson birth chart, animodar, isaritmia and much more

  1. Hi, marguerita.

    I can´t see very well, but Moon is in 5Pisces and Jupiter in 28 libra apparently.

    did Ptolemy and CieloTerra admit out of sign aspects?

  2. I really I don’t know, especially about Ptolemy.

    In CieloeTerra I believe they consider moieties, which was called “vis luminis”.

    In this case I just meant – I hope I’m right- the last aspect the Moon makes before the synod is the trine with Jupiter. I believe that the first and last planet the Moon applies is very important, gives some qualities to the Moon, if I can say like that.

  3. Happy to have you here.
    I read about the Vedic astrologer and Michael Jackson.
    It could be, even if in my opinion Michael Jackson does not look like a Pisces Ascendant.
    With both significators of temperament – Moon and Ascendant – in Pisces and with the rising Moon he should be very, very phlegmatic.

    And generally phlegmatic temperament hardly die so young, because they are very attentive to the quality of their life. Generally they consume others’ life 🙂

    But this is just my guess, obviously.


  4. http://www.skyscript.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4449&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=596de937679364da6ca597eb443b2f6a

    judging from this discussion, the hours that either MJ or his family ever gave, were evening or late evening. So any earlier than evening (since 0:00 to 18:00) are out of question. ADB simple inputted 12:08PM (meant as 24:08 in 24 clock) and their software read it as 12:00 in 24 hours clock.

    No wonder that such errors are likely, when various style manuals give conflicting advise as to give 24:00 as either 12:00 AM or 12:00 PM (I’ve read this on wikipedia).

  5. Good evening Bogdan,
    to me the better input to this chart until we see the birth certificate is Ben Dykes’ one, with a birthtime around 11 pm (23:00)and a Gemini Ascendant.

    Some charts makes me crazy to find a right birth time. I would kill to see Piero Marrazzo (an Italian politician involved in a stupid sex scandal and obliged to resign) birth certificate.


  6. This chart on this blog is incorrect due to incorrect birth time.

    Nephew Taj Jackson on his twitter account got the birth time directly from
    his mother at 7.22 pm. Find on his twitter account directly.

    Birthdate: August 29, 1958
    Birthplace: Gary, IN
    Birth Time: 7:33 pm CST (Gary, IN did NOT observe Daylight Savings Time in 1958.)Source: Birth Certificate data via Katherine Jackson to Taj Jackson:”Just got the official word from Grandma herself. 🙂 Uncle Michael was born at 7:33 PM.””Straight from the birth certificate.”

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