An astrological reading of the eclipse of the 22nd July 2009

A traditional astrologer cannot miss the “dark side of the Light” or as the ancients called it, Sol niger, the black Sun.

The second and last eclipse of the year will occur on the next  22nd July and it will be longest of the century- the obscuration will last 6 minutes 39 seconds.  Ancients -we know- gave a special meaning to eclipses.

Homer in Odissey writes:

the Sun has perished out of heaven and an evil mist hovers over all.

but obviously Western tradition cannot miss the eclipse occurred on the Holy Friday, for Christ’s death.  Pico della Mirandola: ((Conclusiones cabalisticae secundum opinion propriam, in Conclusiones nongentae, 1486. ))

Because of the eclipse of the Sun occurring at Christ’s death we are sure – according Cabbalistic  foundations- that in the very moment the Son of the God, the true Messiah, knew Passion. ((Here I could easily copy the Latin text. Still being  an Italian I know quite well about Latinorum and I’m very allergic to it. This is the word Alessandro Manzoni uses when people with some (generally very little) Latin want  to confuse and cheat people and show how clever they are.  Please notice the wrong declination: it’s because these self appointed scholars are in fact self appointed and they don’t know Latin at all,  just  they believe they are more impressive using all those exotic words, which are like that especially for them .   ))

So before coming back to our eclipse just let us notice that Jesus was born with a comet and died with a Sun eclipse, and as comets and eclipses were main moments in the motions of the spheres.

The eclipse

This is because Sun and Moon have a special place  between planets and when the Sun or the Moon are together, in the syzygy especially when one obscures the other, they generate the most influential events, at least according Ptolemy.

In these days I’ve read the wonderful reading of this eclipse made by Ben Williams and I will try to write to add my personal notes, in every case place and time are different in my chart.

Following Ptolemy and his commentators, I will consider just places where the eclipse is visible, because according Ptolemy effects of Lights are material, they produce a REAL alteration in the air, so if the eclipse is not visible there is no manifest effect.

This is the path of the eclipse, it will cross India and China,  which are two of the most important countries of the world, out of G8 maybe, but the next two superpowers, the Asian giants.

The eclipse falls  in the last degree of Cancer, which according Ptolemy rules Numidia, Carthage, Africa, Bithynia, Phrygia and Colchis.

India – according Ptolemy falls under Capricorn, while Serica (it comes from Latin from silk, we still have the word in Italian) should be China and goes under Libra.

We can use astrocartography to project planets and stars on the map:

Mercury and Jupiter are crossing India (the first at the Ascendant while the second to the Descendant) while Saturn and Mars China – Saturn at the Ascendant and Mars at MC.

Let’s see charts for New Delhi and Beijing at the middle of the eclipse, at the moment of maximum obscuration of the Sun.

Let’s see first the most difficult situation – we know in fact from newspapers that China president should left G8 for its problems in Xinjiang, and in fact this country in the astrocartography map  is delimited by the two natural malefics.

Peking, 22nd July 2009 h.9:32 am
Beijing, 22nd July 2009 h.9:32 am (Placido houses)

The eclipse falls in the 11th house, while the 22th degree of Virgo is rising and Saturn has just crossed the eastern horizon .

Let’s start saying there is no general agreement about the duration of an eclipse,  (( CieloeTerra, Giuseppe Bezza’s Italian traditional association is doing a lot of researches in this field. See Marco Fumagalli,  Il terremoto del Sichuan orientale and Rosalba Signorello, Le eclissi di sole ed il tempo degli eventi, «Phôs» n. 16, 6.2008)) so Haly writes in his comment to Tetrabiblos:

We will know the time of the event from the temporal hours and this means that a solar eclipse cannot last more than 12 years and a lunar eclipse more than 12 months. ((Liber quadripartiti Ptholemei, idest quatuor tractatuum; in radicanti discretione per stellas de futuris et in hoc mundo constructionis et destructionis contingentibus cum commento Haly Heben Rodan, Venetiis per Bonetum Locatellum, impensis nobilis Octaviani Scoti civis Modoetiensis, 1493. Italian translation by Giuseppe Bezza))

Cardano in his aphorisms  (VII.121)  ((Girolamo Cardano, Aforismi astrologici cura Giuseppe Bezza (Xenia, 1998). )):

No eclipse can foretell famine or plague to the whole world. And in ever case the plague deriving from an eclipse cannot last more than four years.

In these notes we will follow Cardano in a his more influential and important book, the Comment to Tetrabiblos  ((Girolamo Cardano, La natività del Salvatore e l’astrologia mondiale, cura Ornella Pompeo Faracovi (Milano: Mimesis, 2002). )) where he gives an example.

But I believe we can find the same things in all Ptolemy commentators like in  William Lilly’s Annus Tenebrosus or the Short Method of judging eclipses ((Annus tenebrosus, or The dark yearʺ: Or astrologicall iudgements upon two lunar eclipses, and one admirable eclips of the sun, all visible in England, 1652. Together with a short method how to judge the effects of eclipses. )) or in William Ramesey’s Astrologia Restaurata ((London, 1653)).

The first point is the place where the event will occur, according the familiarity of the place with the sign where the eclipse falls and the Ascendant.

Unfortunately here we don’t know the foundation chart for Beijing or the birth chart of its “prince”…… But the rising Saturn rules Libra (under which we found Serica) exaltation and triplicity.

The second point is time of the event.

The whole duration of the eclipse is from 8.24 to 10.44, 2 hours 20 minutes, i.e. 28 months, 2 years and 4 months.

eclipse duration at Beijing
eclipse duration at Beijing

The synod falls in the 11th house, so the eclipse will have its effects in the first 4 months, and they will be stronger in the following  9 months (28/3).

If we want to be more precise, we can calculate temporal hours for Lights and those hour  will be the months from which the effects will start. Here we have that Lights are 2.35  from MC  ((For calculation of temporal hours I used Morinus astro software speculum. For explanation and examples see my post about Michael Jackson. ))  ( in fact they are in the 11th house).

We should calculate the distance from ASC, so this means 6-2.35= 3.65 months.

So effects will start from 3 months and 20 days from the eclipse (November 2009) and they will be evident in the following 9 months.

The third point is the eclipse ruler.

Cardano (as Ptolemy) differs from Arab astrologers so we SHOULD NOT ALWAYS consider the Ascendant; on the other hand we should take into consideration the eclipse and the following angle, taken in the signs order:  in this case, the eclipse is in the first quadrant so we will consider the Ascendant.

ruler of Bejing eclipse
ruler of Beijing eclipse

Saturn is the ruler of the eclipse, but the other malefic has some rulership on the eclipse point because the sextile and the parallel of declination with the synod.

Moreover we can find several fixed stars of Mars nature at the MC, which we prefer to the ASC,because Ptolemy says we should consider firstly the ones at the preceding angle in respect of the eclipse.

Culminating stars for Beijing eclipse chart

Alnath, the horn of Taurus has the same nature as Mars, while Menkalinan, the star of the right shoulder of Auriga has a Mars/Mercury nature. Procyon – Mercury/Mars  is with the sizygy.

The fourth point is the quality of the effect.

Just let’s quote Ptolemy:  ((Tetrabiblos, II. 9))

Hence, when Saturn may be sole governor, he will produce disasters concomitant with cold. And, in as far as the event may apply to the human race in particular, it will induce among men lingering diseases, consumptions, declines, rheumatisms, disorders from watery humours, and attacks of the quartan ague; as well as exile, poverty, and a general mass of evils, griefs, and alarms: deaths also will be frequent, but chiefly among persons advanced in age. …..

Mars, when governing alone, generally causes such mischief and destruction as are concomitant with dryness. And, among mankind, foreign wars will be excited, accompanied with intestine divisions, captivity, slaughter, insurrections of the people, and wrath of princes against their subjects; together with sudden and untimely death, the consequence of these disturbances. Feverish disorders, tertian agues, and hæmorrhages will take place, and will be rapidly followed by painful death, carrying off chiefly youthful persons: and conflagration, murder, impiety, every infraction of the law, adultery, rape, robbery, and all kinds of violence will be practised.

Now, India.

Eclipse for New Delhi, h:6.26 am (Placido houses)
Eclipse for New Delhi, h:6.26 am (Placido houses)

As we see the eclipse falls very near to the Ascendant in this case. Cardano writes in the Comment to Ptolemy:

It’s evident that eclipses are not defined by the same different hours, i.e. they don’t last the same time in the different countries; and this is the first point. And they don’t start and end at the same hour, because of the different longitude – because the eclipse starts and ends in advance for people who live in the West, and different latitude.

Let’s check duration.

duration of the eclipse for New Delhi
duration of the eclipse for New Delhi

Here the eclipse lasts 1 hour 51 minutes because when the eclipse starts the Sun has not yet risen, corresponding to 22 months, 1 year 10 months.

Its effects will start very soon because the synod is near the Ascendant. This means its effects will be very strong.

The Lights are distant 5.34 from MC, ie 6-5.34= 0.66 from ASC.

So effects of the eclipse will start almost immediately,  in the middle of August and they will last  7 months.

Mercury in this chart is stronger because it is rising with the Ascendant and it has a rulership both on the degree of sizygy by aspect and the Ascendant because rules its term.

And Mercury surely is a more friendly planet than Saturn, we know…..

Written by Margherita Fiorello @ year 2009




4 thoughts on “An astrological reading of the eclipse of the 22nd July 2009

  1. I meant Ben Williams reading of the eclipse in David Hernadez.
    In every case I’m in debt with you, I know.

  2. Now this solar eclipse occurred just after sunrise in India. Have you found anything in the news that would support the traditional view that the effects should be observed quickly? This work of yours really is very interesting. Now i want to look back at major events following that eclipse and do charts for those locations at the time of the eclipse.

    Did you know that the star this eclipse fell on, alpha Monoceros, was also the star which the massive solar eclipse of 363 AD fell on?

  3. Thanks again for the kind words.
    And yes, if the eclipse is near the sunrise effects are very quick according Ptolemy.

    I did not about Monoceros, in traditional astrology are used just the 48 constellations listed by ancients. Anyway Unicorn was well known to ancients, true?

    And about Julian, I did not know that he died with an eclipse, I should enquiry a little more. But eclipses are always omina, they mean something.
    Julian tried to restore the ancient ways of paganism, but in a certain way paganism was never lost, it was just adopted by Christians and Muslims in their works, in Middle Ages. Let’s think about Medieval and Renaissance science, it was just Greek and Roman tradition put in a more systematic way,


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