About Cardano’s seven segments (aphorisms): a review

I see from the net that the first chapter of Seven Segments “”translated” by Anton Grigoryev and Valeria Livina is ready for download in Anton’s site, so I’m obliged again to spend some words about Anton Grigoryev, a “man” who makes his name of astrologer copying and paste others’ work.

This was his presentation from his blog

antons works first....
anton's works first....

and as became after protests of his poor colleagues:

colleagues had been forgotten.....
colleagues had been forgotten.....

Being these the premises no wonder we can very easily find the original work translated by Anton Grigoryev, which is not the  Latin version but  the Italian one, Cardano’s aphorisms cura Prof. Giuseppe Bezza.

Cardano Aphorisms by Bezza

In a first moment, while Anton was “translating” the text with the Italian version on his desktop, he and his colleague Valeria Livina were not inclined to mention the Italian version he had in his home since 2006 when he bought in Rome.

Original page at http://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?article_id=164
Original page at http://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?article_id=164

Then they changed their mind and the book is mentioned in the bibliography, maybe because they know that in CieloeTerra are not so happy of having their books copied and sold as Anton Grigoryev’s work…

Unfortunately this is not a translation from Latin, it is a translation from Italian, made comparing the Italian text with the Latin one….

Cardano’s Latin is very difficult, not even my teacher of Latin could understand some parts because cases are not following classical declinations and sentences are confuse.

And where Anton studied Latin? In his technical secondary school? In Russia they teach Latin at robotics schools?

Alone at home?

Still I have several examples of the quality of his translation from Latin – and texts were surely easier than Cardano.

According Anton Grigoryev in Albumasar text about paranatellonta, in the third facie of Libra – there arises res quedam nomine Celum, ie according Anton a chisel 🙂 not the obvious but correct sky.

When I tried to say that it was impossible, that chisel is just a secondary meaning, and we had the same word “cielo” in Italian he wrote me I was a stupid and I cannot understand his expertise….here people is still laughing.

Another pearl of Anton knowledge of Latin – deponent verbs are studied at the first year of Latin

Obviously scholars who studied Latin at universities are wrong, Anton who cannot recognise an example for beginners is right….

But he can translate the whole book of Cardano aphorisms…

If he can why he cannot translate Cardano’s main work, the comment to Tetrabiblos? Just because he cannot copy it from Giuseppe Bezza.

It would not be the first time Anton Grigoryev sweeps Cieloeterra- the Italian tradition astrological association and its site at www.cieloeterra.it

His Russian site www.anton-grigoryev.ru is full of the evident plagiarism, where not even pictures where changed, so much Anton Grigoryev is sure to can cheat his poor readers-

Let’s start from a lecture from Bezza’s “Comment to the first book of Tetrabiblos with the opinions of the most important commentators” without even changing the title (please notice this is the only part of Tetrabiblos Bezza published) profiting that Russians don’t speak Italian.

Original page at http://www.astromaster.info/index.php?PHPSESSID=08b7b4de6dcb99373d9c3d8075d3aa75&topic=331.0

Comment to the first book of Tetrabiblos with the opinions of the most important commentators- the cover

Please notice, the signature “I write, I copy” :))

And in fact  this and the following are are some extracts from “Anton’s” lectures he is selling his poor students, the hard copy of Bezza’s comment:

as plagiarized by Anton Grigoryev for “his” “master-class” 🙂

from CieloeTerra site.....
from CieloeTerra site.....

But we have too Haly Ridwan,  Anonymous of the year 379, Julian of Laodicea, Girolamo Manfredi…..

Even a member of the Italian Association, Mario Costantino, has been translated without mentioning who he is or the link in Cieloeterra site, or the mention to the Journal Linguaggio Astrale, where the article was originally published.

Haly Ridwan:

Haly Ridwan nativity from Bezzas Arcana Mundi
Haly Ridwan nativity from Bezza's Arcana Mundi

and the one sold by the shameless Anton Grigoryev:

the copied version by Anton Grigoryev



Anonimous 379



Anonymous 379 from CieloeTerra
Anonymous 379 from CieloeTerra
and from Anton site
and from Anton site

Impressive, the same picture too.”I write I copy”……………

Girolamo Manfredi:


Girolamo Manfredi in CieloeTerra site
Girolamo Manfredi in CieloeTerra site

and Anton version

and in Anton site
Girolamo Manfredi, the Russian version

Mario Costantino on humours (please notice that there is no quote from CIDA Journal, Linguaggio Astrale or CieloeTerra site )

the original article from CieloeTerra site

Anton’s copied version:

another of Anton Grigoryevs copycats
another of Anton Grigoryev's copycats


the stars evoking passion according Julian of Laodicea translated by Giuseppe Bezza

as usually from CieloeTerra site
as usually from CieloeTerra site

and Anton copied version….

anton copied version in Russian
anton copied version in Russian

Obviously plagiarisms are present even in Anton Grigoryev English site: http://www.antonblog.net, where  he tries to cheat English mother tongue friends – but for Anton Grigoryev this word has no meaning if he could steal to me more than 1600 euro  after 4 years of letters, after I opened my house to him and after he had given his word of honour, but evidently for him it has no value, as all the rest.

In the English site we find Mashallah and the generator of hourly distances, which follows the method of calculations of primary directions explained by Marco Fumagalli in “I moti del cielo“, (another book in Anton Grigoryev bookshelves) . As usually no link or mention to Fumagalli work.

Notice in fact the “hour distance” and the “temporal hour” Does Kolev mention them? They come directly from Bezza-Fumagalli method, check their glossary to the corresponding Italian lemma “distanza oraria” e “ora temporale”


astro calculator by Anton Grigoryev. From which did he take formulae?
astro calculator by Anton Grigoryev. From which did he take formulae?



word by word as Anton’s signature “I write, I copy”

mashallah from CieloeTerra site

and from Anton’s “latin” translation

Anton translation from Latin (ie the Italian page of cieloeterra)
Anton translation from "Latin" (ie the Italian page of cieloeterra)

In the English site we can find a work written in common with me – the article about Agostino Chigi that we presented in Rome congress in 2006  which in  his blog and  in Moscow Congress of  the following year 2007  appears under his only name with the title Астрология в искусстве Ренессанса: астрологические фрески виллы Фарнезина-(Astrology In The Art Of Renaissance: The Astrological Ceiling Painting In The Villa Farnesina)

No mention of the published article with my name or the conference in fact, in Anton’s blog  it is mentioned as “his” Russian lecture,  without any interest for people who read it in Italian journal or hear us lecturing in Rome  several months before the Russian Congress or even read in this blog .

Screenshot at http://www.antonblog.net/about/
Screenshot at http://www.antonblog.net/about/
incipit of my article with Anton, which now it is under only his name in his blog
incipit of my article with Anton, which now it is under only his name in his blog

I swear I never see a case like that. As he wrote in his blog about me before deleting the post fearing a denounce for slander- people know who is who. I’m a common woman, I’m not an expert, I studied at the university as many does, but i don’t copy and paste others’ work and say they are my translation or my work, and i don’t live making a living stealing to friends and other astrologers, of my country or international ones.

Or even of his country, Russia, considering that his name is always accompanied with the same comments of inaccurate translations of already translated texts, like here.

When I gave my things to Anton, my credit card, my money, never a second I could think he could behave like that, he could disappear overnight sweeping last 35 euro from the Paypal account I opened for him, or that he could refuse to give back the credit card.

To me- I will be stupid – when a man and a friend gives his word of honour means something, and scholarship does not mean copy CieloeTerra or others’ books and ask money for them.

If Anton really had studied Latin he had read Cicero- people who knows Anton will recognise the temperament the Latin author is describing:

the most hateful thing is that arrogant self confidence generates with great ease the longing of being the first. The more one shows his greatness, the more he wants to be the most powerful of all and he does not like rivals….this is what Plato said about Spartans: all their education was founded on the spirit of emulation. But it’s very difficult to maintain fairness, which cannot be divided from justice, when one wants to be better than the others.


2 thoughts on “About Cardano’s seven segments (aphorisms): a review

  1. It’s the other(dark) side of Saggitarius that Cicero describes so brightly! He (Anton, not Cicero :°)) is known for his (very authentic)arrogance.
    We call it in French “la grande gueule”, you know…

    ça alors!
    He pretends being the great astrologer and the great interpreter of Médiéval latin texts on astrology … so professional (cad. well-payed)…

    I’m so sorry for what had happened to you…

  2. Thanks so much for feedback.

    Anyway it’s a pity seeing Anton should arrive to steal to friends and colleagues and copying others’ work. He could do better than this, I believe.

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