Astrological notes about Indonesia and Samoa quakes

In the previous days we could read about two deadly earthquakes  and the tsunami which shook Indonesia in Asia and American Samoa Islands almost in the same moment, and unfortunately victims could be more than 1000.

Scientists and experts of earthquakes deny that there could be a link between the two events. But this is true for us, students of astrology? The greater part of astrologers – especially traditional ones, who are more attentive to eclipses -are running to evoke the Sun eclipse of the 22nd July 2009, and put together the two deadly earthquakes.

But it is really like that? I don’t think so – the nasty girl 🙂

Traditional astrology, in the version given by Ptolemy and spread in Renaissance by authors like Girolamo Cardano, Cyprian Leowitz, William Lilly  (( William Lilly, Annus tenebrosus, or The dark yearʺ : Or astrologicall iudgements upon two lunar eclipses, and one admirable eclips of the sun, all visible in England, 1652. Together with a short method how to (London: printed for the Company of Stationers and H. Blunden at the Castle in Corn-hill, 1652).))  to give some names- on the other hand is mostly based on observation of the real sky.  An eclipse is effective just when it is visible, because its effects derive from alteration of  light. When there is no real alteration because the eclipse is virtual, not visible to our eyes, for these authors – and for me too – the eclipse is a little more than a New Moon.

So for a moment  let’s start from the last eclipse, this is a mash up of data coming from NASA site:

Solar path of 22nd July eclipse -detail
Solar path of 22nd July eclipse -detail

So in Indonesia, which is at the southern border of the Sun path- the eclipse was hardly visible. In fact:

Padang, the city ith more victims
Padang, the Indonesian city with more victims

July eclipse had very different effects  on American Samoa, where obscuration was around 80%:

Obscuration of July eclipse in Samoa
Obscuration of July eclipse in Samoa

Very different, true?

Without casting a chart, we just notice that the syzygy falls in the last degree of Cancer, and promises – according William Lilly

water fouls, great inundations and overflowings of seabanks ”  ((  William Lilly, An easie and familiar method whereby to iudge the effects depending on eclipses, either of the sun or moon. By William Lilly student in astrologie (London: printed for the Company of Stationers and H. Blunden at the Castle in Corn-Hill, 1652).))

Now come back to Indonesia quake. If the eclipse of the 22nd July was practically invisible, not like that the eclipse of 26th January.

Solar path of the eclipse of 26yj January 2009
Solar path of the eclipse of 26th January 2009

In this case Indonesia is clearly on the path of the Sun.

Padang obscuration for January eclipse
Padang obscuration for January eclipse

If we consider Ptolemy method for judging time of events, the next picture shows that the syzygy falls at the beginning of the 8th house, so according  tradition it will give its effects after 8 months. Cardano writes in his main work, the Comment to Tetrabiblos:

Where the eclipse falls in the West, so the effect will start from the 8th month to the 12th (( Girolamo Cardano, La natività del Salvatore e l’astrologia mondiale, (Milano: Mimesis, 2002).))

And from 26th January to 30 September are exactly 8 months….

This is the biwheel with inside the eclipse of 26th January, outside the chart for the event, the earthquake of 30Sept 2009 h.5.16 pm

Activation of the eclipse of 26th January
Activation of the eclipse of 26th January 2009

The nasty transiting Mars in Cancer was in partile opposition with an exalted Mars in Capricorn  of  the day of eclipse;  Moon is again in Aquarius.

Other consideration are left to the patient readers of this blog,

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2009. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


Marco Fumagalli, Il terremoto del Sichuan orientale

Rosalba Signorello, Le eclissi di sole e il tempo degli eventi, «Phôs» n. 16, 6.2008.


6 thoughts on “Astrological notes about Indonesia and Samoa quakes

  1. Interesting, I see from your biwheel that the Sun also exactly trined that January eclipse degree.

    “Where the eclipse falls in the West”. Now do you read that as Padang being west of the eclipse?

  2. Good morning, and thank for your visit and for your addendum.

    For West, I mean when the conjunctions of the Lights falls in the western part of the chart, as here in the 8th house.
    In traditional astrology in fact, we should consider:

    1) if the eclipse is visible or not, because in the second case we should discard it because influence of planets derives from light and its quality.
    2) the starting of the effects, which depend on the position of Lights in the chart; if at Ascendant they will be immediate, and on the contrary the more we are near to the Descendant, the more they are postponed
    3) the duration of the eclipse which corresponds to the duration of the effects, 1 hour is 1 year.

    Hope I was clear, in any case a good introduction are William Lilly’s books in bibliography.
    Come back soon,


  3. I know i keep pestering you here, but this is just fascinating work you are doing.

    “And from 26th January to 30 September are exactly 8 months….”

    I was looking at that eclipse path map last year and it struck me that Krakatoa was nearly exactly under the path. I used to live in the area and camped on the island just next to it when I was a kid. Once the six moths since the eclipse had passed I thought nothing more of it.

  4. no, it’s me I’m happy to have a feedback. And the place you are talking about should be very beautiful.

    It’s interesting that effects fit with Ptolemy text, in CieloeTerra, which is the Italian association of traditional astrology, they are doing some researches too. For example famous events and eclipses and so on,


  5. Yes, obviously you are right, even if I try to avoid outer planets.
    Moreover this was just a quick note, I desired just to show that many traditional astrologers ran to check the last eclipse, but it does not work like that if we follow XVI-XVII century astrologers, like Cardano or Lilly.

    Happy to read here,

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