Coming back from Apotelesma Traditional Congress

The gentle author of this blog is just arrived from Genoa, one of the four Maritime Republics of the Middle Ages, well known for being the birth place of Cristoforo Colombo, well known for being the discovery of America.

Genova in an ancient map
Genoa in an ancient map

I was there for one of the first astrology Congress wholly dedicated to traditional astrology, dedicated to wandering and unwandering stars, and organized by Apotelesma, under the shape of its President Lucia Bellizia, and the team manager, Belial the cat.

All the lectures were great, Patrizia Nava, John Frawley’s QHP  who talked about fixed stars in horary, Christian Bonelli about the symbolism of 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards, and Giancarlo Ufficiale, a founding member of Cieloeterra about the fixed stars arousing passions.

Lucia Bellizia and.... Franz Boll :)
Lucia Bellizia, Giancarlo Ufficiale and.... Franz Boll 🙂

Lucia Bellizia presented her lecture about one of my favourite subjects, paranatellonta in Teucer. She started explaining where Teucer excerpta can be found, an Italian translation of the paranatellonta of the so-called “Teucer in Rhetorius”, some notes about the astrological meaning of paranatellonta, and the use of paranatellonta in talismans.

Giuseppe Bezza
Lucia Bellizia and Giuseppe Bezza

Giuseppe Bezza  enlightened the Congress with the same lecture he presented to the Warburg Institute (and this is enough to define its value), about Ptolemaic commentators about the Great Conjunctions.

Medieval astrologers were in fact obliged to choose between Albumasar and Ptolemy while many of them tried to coordinate the two different theories, which was not always easy…..

Felice Stoppa
Felice Stoppa

Anyway we should say that the attention of everybody was on Felice Stoppa, the author of famous site Atlas Coelestis, a collection of famous celestial maps and atlases.

In his lecture, Stoppa discussed a manuscript which could be the source for the more famous Durer maps of 1515. Of this manuscript Stoppa was successful to locate the exact book shelf number and gave a lengthy explanation and description during his speech.

The acts of the Congress (in Italian) can be required at

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