Fixed stars and temperament

In traditional astrology Moon and Mercury and their ruler give the mores, morality as a set of mores (( Wikipedia )), what Ptolemy and the rest of ancient astrologers call “the quality of the soul”, which we should not mix with the temperament- which is more innate, “physical.”

Told this, obviously it is very difficult to keep precise borders between the two, so the following is Andrea Argoli in Ptolomeus Parvus (( Andrea Argoli, Ptolemaeus paruus in genethliacis junctus Arabibus (Lugduni: Sumptibus Iosephi, & Petri Vilort …, 1652).  )) about how fixed stars influence the character.

As usually he mentions the stars of first and second magnitude, which gives the most strong effects, but it is worthy of note that both Argoli (some lines below this extract) or Cardano (see related posts)  state that ” Mercury with stars of poor brightness gives a better mind than if it is with brilliant ones.”

Regulus with the lord of the soul or the ruler of the Ascendant gives generosity, influence, nobility of soul, good reputation; with Arcturus honesty and ambition;

Spica cordiality, uprightness, kindness; with Saturn makes the uneasy and zealous; with Mars the harsh ones.

Cor Scorpii is generous but rash: with Mercury in aspect with Mars, the harsh, the murderers, killers- and if Mercury is in the third house the brothers’ murderers.

Aldebaran fierceness, valor, a fighting soul and the same Hercules;

The Triangle with Mercury makes the astute, the sly, malicious ones.

Caput Serpentarii with the Moon the treacherous, evasive, shrewd, turncoats.

Delphinus with the Lord of  mores  one face and double soul: something in the soul and something else in the mouth.

Rictus Capricorni with Mercury a shining mind; Pleiades incline to voluptuousness and ambition, running after women.

Lyra inclines to talent and music.

Aquila makes brave, strong, bloody and unwon and if culminates with Mars ferocious and the fearless.

Cingulus Orionis gives industry and a bright mind.

Cor Scorpii with Venus makes the musicians and famous poets.


Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2010. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



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