Software review: Morinus, profections & rapt parallels

It is not  since now that the free astrological software Morinus  is one of the best English language localized software.

I have written in the past several posts about how using it,  getting traditional primary directions, and how adapting the original algorithm, which is based on Kolev work (( see bibliography below)), to Bezza & Fumagalli (Cieloeterra) algorithm .

Now it’s time to examine closer the new update, which contains several VERY interesting things.


In the Placidian speculum  hourly distance and temporal hour of planets and user points have been added.

Temporal hour is a significant portion of semi-arc, namely the hourly path of the given point. (( Placido Titi,Tabulae primi mobilis cum thesibus ad Theorigen, & canonibus ad praxim, additis in rerum demonstrationem, & supputationum exemplum triginta clarissimorum natalium thematibus, Pars I canon. IV)).

The hourly distance is the position of a given point in respect to the meridian.

The Placidum speculum in Morinus with HD and TH


Profections are one of the main tools of prediction in traditional astrology, so Morinus is dedicating to them a special section.

Profections menu in Morinus
Profections menu in Morinus

At the moment are available different choices.

Profections variants
Profections variants

a- traditional variant.

It is the usual technique known by  Hellenistic/Medieval astrologers. It consists in advancing the ascendant, the houses and all the points of a sign, in a 12 years cycle.

This movement is not discrete: the Ascendant and the other points don’t jump  of 30 degrees every year, but they move continuously of  30°/365 every day.

It is a well known technique mentioned since Middle Ages, included in the most known commercial astro-software.

b- Placidian annual in mundo variant

It is a reading of the method proposed by Cieloeterra, based on Ibn Ezra, and illustrated in the articles of Prof. Giuseppe Bezza The profection.How it should be calculated, how it should be interpreted. and the more recent Marco Fumagalli The profection encounters.

Ibn Ezra version :)
Ibn Ezra version 🙂

Details are better explained in Morinus page.

In every case, as it is  evident from Cieloeterra articles, according Cieloeterra method,  differently from Morinus,  just the 5 hylegiacal points are used. So it’s up to the reader/user how to use data got from Morinus according to his/her necessity and method to read the profection.

From Rumen Kolev, The Primary directions and history of Astrology I,  Codex Vindobonensis Palatinus 5179
From Rumen Kolev, The Primary directions and history of Astrology I, Codex Vindobonensis Palatinus 5179

c- Placidian annual zodiacal variant

Considering that Morinus is not direct only to Cieloeterra entourage (even if obviously the gentle author of this blog has a  well known immense consideration for that Italian traditional association)  Morinus has implemented a third variant  based on the zodiacal positions — which is in a way more obvious (in the sense of logical) variant  because in fact the radix chart  is not a “in mundo” chart, it is “zodiacal.”

Here again the user can decide by her/himself what s/he prefers, Morinus gives a wide choice of how experimenting, as you can see.


All the three variants can be viewed – rightclicking on the chart as single chart, biwheel (with radix) or positions.

Right click data
Right click data


As cherry on the ice-cream, in the primary direction section Placidian  rapt parallels have been added.

Couple of planets should be selected in the PROMISSORS column

Rapt parallels in Morinus
Rapt parallels settings
List of rapt parallels
List of rapt parallels

As usually Morinus can be downloaded for free from here.

Please come back frequently to visit its page, because other great features are planned.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2011. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



Morinus page is at

The web address of Cieloeterra is

Rumen Kolev, Primary Directions to Asc. & MC (Varna, n.d.).

Rumen Kolev, Interplanetary Primary Directions (Varna, n.d.).

Rumen Kolev, History of Astrology vol. 1 Gauricus & Henry II (Varna, 2006.).

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