Liz Taylor: an astrological portrait

Astrologers are always attentive to newspapers reports, so they could not miss the death of one of the most important international actresses, Liz Taylor, who gave her face to the symbol itself of beauty, Cleopatra. It is impossible to resist to give a quick look to her chart. It’s very to easy to show how traditional astrology methods are congruent to event and characteristics of the native, without using myths, transaturnian planets or whatever “amelioration”.

This is her birthchart:

Liz Taylor birth chart

A sign of Jupiter at the Ascendant and Jupiter retrograde in a falling 8th, still in its triplicity and face with the Fortune gave her at birth a rare genetic mutation: she was born with a double line of eyelashes, which is not an awful mutation at all, as the mother understood in seconds. (( Roxanne Palmer, Elisabeth Taylor Beautiful Mutant ))


The temperament is obviously phlegmatic, as evident from the tendency to be overweight and the longevity: of her Richard Burton said: “she had a double chin, an overdeveloped chest, and short legs. But, he conceded, she has wonderful eyes.” (( see note 1))

Temperament form
Temperament assessment from Skyplux

When the star of Venus – cold and moist- gives the temperament all the astrological texts agree that:

Venus makes wonderful hair, and beautiful eyelashes, in walking and doing everything does not move a lot, of middle height. Others say it makes the face as a rose, and shining and moist eyes, inclining to look back, the excellent beauty.
(( Giovan Battista Della Porta, La Fisionomia dell’huomo e la celeste, 1652 ))

and more directly Ptolemy:

Venus has effects similar to Jupiter’s, but is apt to make her subjects more shapely, graceful, womanish, effeminate in figure, plump, and luxurious. On her own proper account she makes the eyes bright as well as beautiful.
PTOLEMY (( Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, III, 11- Robbins translation ))

Yet with some choleric strain – the Ascendant and its ruler in a Fire sign  and the heart of Scorpio rising (in hourly distance 5.73) . Says the Anonymous of 379 of Aldebaran, which is setting in the opposite angle:

and in fact, this star has double strength than the others; when in fact it is rising, the bright star Antares, which is by degree in the opposite position in the 15th degree of Zodiac, and both of them are in the Zodiacal circle. They therefore have the power of making great and illustrious conditions…
(( Translation cura Giuseppe Bezza ))

Antares is going to rise at the Ascendant
Antares is going to rise at the Ascendant


About her profession, if this is a very difficult chapter in Hellenistic/Medieval texts, here it  is not the case: Venus both rules the MC and is in heliacal vespertine phase, so no doubt it should be a Venusian trade. And since Jupiter witnesses her, deemed worthy of honours.   (( Tetrabiblos, IV, 4))


Liz Taylor is tagged as “Sexuality : Extremes in quantity” in Rodden’s database and surely famous for her 8 marriages. Again the reasons are evident for the traditional astrologer. Mars  being invisible gives according the gender of the sign where it is, Pisces, ie  a feminine sign. Venus is vespertine and visible and in this phase gives a feminine appetite. Both the lights are in feminine signs, the Moon in Scorpio, the Sun in Pisces. That’s too much:

But on the other hand, when the luminaries in the aforesaid configuration are unattended in feminine signs, the females exceed in the natural, and the males in unnatural practice, with the result that their souls become soft and effeminate. If Venus too is made feminine, the women become depraved, adulterous, and lustful, with the result that they may be dealt with in the natural manner on any occasion and by any one soever, and so that they refuse absolutely no sexual act, though it be base or unlawful. (( Tetrabiblos, III, 14 ))

Moreover Mars and Venus are in mutual reception, the one in the other sign, so Mars gives some of shameless passion: if Venus is in dignities, or in the same way with this planet. ((Andrea Argoli, Ptolemaeus paruus in genethliacis junctus Arabibus (Lugduni: Sumptibus Iosephi, & Petri Vilort …, 1652) )) Having  quickly delineated the character- jumping a little here and there, let’s see to her death.


The  chart giver of life, the hyleg, is the Moon, the light of the sect in the 11th house. It is worthy to give a look to the almuten, the dispositor of the 5 hylegial places, Jupiter in this case. Both rule, incidentally the 8th house. The deadly directions are congruent with the events of her life. Between the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005 she was diagnosed a congestive  heart failure, a  progressive inability of the heart to pump the blood in the rest of the body, the illness who lead her to death.

Mundane directions with Morinus
Mundane directions by Morinus

She eventually died with a Jupiter direction:

Zodiacal directions by Morinus
Zodiacal directions by Morinus

It can be interesting too examining a little more in detail the year of her death, according the predictive system of traditional astrology, known as “division of times”

And  in a single figure from their disposition, describing the horoscope of the geniture, the sign of completion, the horoscope of the <year> conversion and the twelve places, according what we have told and <describe> the following figure. After having <described> above the order of these divisions of the three times, let us consider the horoscope of the geniture with its star and its number, and in this way proceeds in the second division the sign of the completion and the division of the horoscope of the conversion. Next, let us observe and know their order and judge according their places.
ELEUTERIO ELEO ZEBELENO (( Forewords on the third chapter of the Persians on nativities…. translation Prof. Giuseppe Bezza))

Triwheel: inner radix, middle solar return, outer profection
Triwheel: inner radix, middle solar return, outer profection

In the solar return axes are reversed, the MC is on radical Ascendant and the SR Moon in radix 1st house highlights body problems, without forgetting that the Moon rules the radical 8th of death. And in the SR  1st house we find the detrimented Mars in Pisces.

The ruler of SR is Saturn, a natural malefic, is in the 8th in the return and at radix MC-retrograde and against its hairesis in respect both radix and return – while the natal Saturn falls in the SR 12th.

The lord of the year is again the Moon, falling the profection in Cancer, and in the radical 8th house.

The analysis should end with monthly profections, but in this case the actress died almost at the beginning of her profection. So we will talk of this method in another post….

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2011. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


5 thoughts on “Liz Taylor: an astrological portrait

  1. Dear Margherita,
    I have been closely following your fantastic blog for some time and greatly enriching myself with traditional astrological knowledge. The day Liz Taylor died I looked at her nativity and decided I would write something about it in my blog. I was busy the last few days and did not sit down to write it down, but when I saw your article today I just had to write to you.
    Great post, as always . Alongside with what you wrote, I would like to add:
    Liz Taylor was also in a Moon Mars Firdaria period which started on January 6 2011. The Moon is Hyleg and ruler of the 8th House of death, and Mars is her dispositor and ruler of 4th (end of life) and 12th (hospitals) – she died in a hospital abroad (Mars is in the natal 3rd which is the 9th from the 8th – as indication of death abroad)
    The Sun is Lord of the Period this year for her and the Sun is the top killing planet in Liz Taylor’s nativity, slightly beating Jupiter and Saturn (who is the Solar Return’s ASC ruler and is placed in the return’s 8th House of death). The Sun is the Almuten of the natal 4th House and is placed in the Solar Return ASC – a strong indication of death.
    And finally, Mars, who is ruler of 4th and 12th and in this way determined towards sickness and death, has had its own return in the Solar Return, thus coming to a full circle – an indication of closure.
    Mercury, who is her Alchocoden, gives 78 years. She lived 79.

    I have a question for you about the 5 degree offset rule and whether it applies if the next house cusp is in a different sign. Say Saturn at 28 Scorpio in the 11th and the 12th House cusp is at 1 degree Sagittarius. Is Saturn succedent or cadent? As far as I know, Hellenistic Astrology says it is in the 11th House and thus succedent. What does Medieval Astrology say?

    Thank you for your great blog, Margherita, and keep up the great work that you are doing! 

  2. * I made an accidental mistake about Mars’s position. The 3rd is the 8th from the 8th of course, not the 9th House as I wrote. But Mars is in Pisces – the 4th Sign from ASC Sagittarius, and is therefore in the 4th using Whole Sign houses. Thus, the 9th from the 8th – an indication of death abroad.

  3. Thanks for the nice words.

    And thanks for having added the firdaria analysis. I would consider them, still in CieloeTerra they are most oriented to Ptolemy, so generally I forgot to check them 😦

    About houses Ptolemy mentions the five degree rule without mentioning the sign, so I would say that Saturn is cadent, but that’s just my idea.

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