Mundane, 2012 and the bogus earthquake

Obviously Italy is not preserved from 2012 prophecies believers, (( For a satiric abstract of all the calamities you can read: )) but (un)fortunately we have ours in addition, and astrological ones too. If  it is not enough the end of the world in 2012, Rome and its inhabitants are doomed to perish in a couple of days, on May 11th 2011.

This hoax is so widespread here that even the seismologists of one of the main Italian universities, La Sapienza of Rome, for the day of the earthquake have planned an event named after this prophecy. (( Waiting the coming earthquake ))

The prediction is ascribed to a self taught man, Raffaele Bendandi, author of an astrological theory about earthquakes, born at the end of 1800 and died in 1979. According Bendandi in fact the Moon can influence the seas movements as well the Earth.  Bendandi believed that earthquakes depend on planetary alignments, included four planets of his invention called with the  (Fascist) names of Rex, Dux, Roma, Italia….

In every case at the moment the Foundation named after Bendandi denies that the forthcoming earthquake which will destroy us before the end of the week comes from Bendandi notes. In practice it should be another of 2012 prophecies, with some astrological colour too, because if we cast the chart for the chosen date we see:

the fake earthquake

We don’t know who invented this story, but obviously someone with some astrology,  because we know that Leo is a natural significator for Rome and Italy.

Italy, Apulia, (Cisalpine) Gaul, and Sicily have their familiarity with Leo and the Sun; wherefore these peoples are more masterful, benevolent, and co‑operative.

But what if the unknown astrologer was operating in another country or continent? In effect the problem of predictions based both on the eclipses or ingresses are based on choosing a place for which casting the chart, because without it we don’t have houses, so no time for determining effects, no signs on angles for locating places….

In effect in a way ancients had a centre of the world.

In Ptolemy (( Daniele Ferrero, La corografia astrologica tolemaica )) the prime parallel crosses the prime meridian forming four quadrants arranged according the four astrological triplicities:  in the Tetrabiblos  the quadrants look be a little adapted to different nationalities, but in Dicearchus and then in Eratosthenes  the two lines crossed in Rhodes,  the Greek island not far from Turkey’s coasts.

Dicearchus map
Dicearchus map

Later, we know another centre of the world to use in order to cast a chart, which according the Encyclopedia of Islam (( [Leiden] : Brill, ))  is the dome of the earth, situated on the Equator at 90° from Ptolemy’s Fortunate Isles:

“in the second passage al-Tanukhl says that , when Aries is the ascendant at Kankdiz or Arin (= Uzayn), Capricorn is the ascendant at the Cupola of the earth, which is 90 degrees from Kankdiz. This means that the “centre of the visible earth” is the same as the Cupola of the earth. In truth, the Cupola and not Kankdiz should be identified with Ujjain (in India). This conception of dividing the earth into four equal quarters at whose boundaries are placed four cities is undoubtedly derived from an Indian source…” (( David Pingree. The Thousands of Abū Maʿshar. London: Warburg Institute, (1968).  Quote from S. Birchfield ))


Anyway hardly the astrologer who created the  hoax of the earthquake had in mind something so elaborate….  And the same he forgets the old Medieval prophecy from the Venerable Bede: “Quamdiu stabit Coliseus, stabit et Roma; quando cadet Coliseus cadet et Roma; quando cadet Roma cadet et mundus, as long as the Colosseum lives Rome lives, when the Colosseum  falls Rome will fall too, when Rome  falls  the whole world will fall too……

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2011. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



2 thoughts on “Mundane, 2012 and the bogus earthquake

  1. Margherita, thank you for the post and the links, very elucidating.

    I would like to ask if there is already a wise solution (e.g. from someone very knowledgeable of Ptolemy like Bezza) for the inclusion of Americas continent in the Ptolemy world model.

    How can we infer the signs which rule a city? Ptolemy quote an somewhat vague technique on Tetrabiblos.


  2. Hello Rodolfo,

    I believe they are trying to work with astrocartography. See Marco Fumagalli (in English) especially .
    And next month they will lecture in Florence about the same subject
    Hope I will be able to do some abstract of it.
    My personal opinion the place is a very difficult to locate, even living in the Old Continent.

    p.s. now I have not problems anymore with widgets in your site, it seems everything works with my browser, your site is very nice to read…

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