Detrimented planets in a birth chart

As many traditional astrologers, coming from horary, one of the first factors I consider in a chart is if  planets are dignified by essential and accidental virtue.

The first thing one should learn in horary is using the dignity table, which is on the desktop of every traditional astrologer. But is this  true for nativities too?

Modern astrologers refuse the idea of benefic and malefic planets, they don’t accept that in life there is no just good, but evil and imperfection  too is part of life.
Where is this good and evil in a birth chart?  Observing if planets are not at ease- if we could say like that- by sign and house helps a lot in highlighting where imperfection, excess, vice, lack of moderation, and sometimes danger and death are in us.

As we will see the two groups of benefic and malefic stars is not just Jupiter and Venus vs. Mars and Saturn, but it depends on the essential and accidental virtue of the planet: it’s 1,000 times better to have Saturn in Capricorn at the Ascendant in a day chart than Jupiter in Gemini at the same angle in a night chart.

In every case I don’t think that detrimented planets deny success. Just like the saying advices us “every rose has its thorn”….

Diego Armando Maradona, 30 Oct 1960, h:7:05 am, Buenos Aires
Diego Armando Maradona, 30 Oct 1960, h:7:05 am, Buenos Aires

The first example is the birth chart of the greatest soccer champions of all time, Diego Armando Maradona. (in the following birth charts red planets are detrimented ones, blue dignified, black are peregrine ones.)Mars, ruler of the Ascendant and natural significator of sport is against its sect, in fall, in the cadent 9th house. Of the rest of planets, Jupiter is in its fall too, Saturn in domicile, the other planets are peregrine.

He is very famous, beyond soccer, for being a womanizer and for his bad temper, an addict to drugs (he was suspended several times during his career) and he owes the Italian government for fiscal fraud 37 million euros.


Carletto Giuliani, 14 Mar 1978; h:8:10 pm, Rome
Carletto Giuliani, 14 Mar 1978; h:8:10 pm, Rome

Carlo Giuliani, killed by Italian Police during 2001 G8 in Genova, when he was 23. A Policeman shot him from a Land Rover and then the Land Rover, trying to leave,   drove  backwards and  forwards over Giuliani’s body.

In the birth chart  Mars in its fall is at MC, Venus- ruler of the Ascendant is in detriment in the 6th house with the South Node, Saturn and Jupiter are in detriment, the rest of the planets are peregrine.

In the profection chart for 2001 (he was shot on the 20th July) we see Saturn (which is another ruler for the Libra Ascendant) on radix Mars at MC.

year profection for 2001
year profection for 2001


Yara Gambirasio, 21 May 1997; h:10:20 am, Bergamo
Yara Gambirasio, 21 May 1997; h:10:20 am, Bergamo

Yara Gambirasio: 13 year old teenager killed in November 2010 by an unknown murderer.

Saturn in its fall at MC. The Moon is in her fall too, the rest of planets are peregrine.

The traditional astrologer Mario Costantino in one of his recent articles (( Mario Costantino,  Avversità del destino: Yara Gambirasio ))  highlights how she died with Saturn ruling her profection.

Profection of the year 2010 with the Solar Return
Profection of the year 2010 with the Solar Return

In fact the profected Ascendant for 2010 goes from 2 Virgo to 2 Libra, return Saturn falls in the profected space, and so it is the ruler of the year. Considering its condition in the radix chart, is easy to link it with danger for the year.


Uri Geller, 20 Dec 1946; h:2:30 am, Tel Aviv
Uri Geller, 20 Dec 1946; h:2:30 am, Tel Aviv

Last example is Uri Geller. Self proclaimed psychic, having received his powers from extraterrestrials 🙂 now- after that he never was able to show that his “powers” were true rather than simple tricks – he prefers to call him an entertainer.

Again Saturn is in detriment at MC, Mars is in its exaltation, Mercury and Venus are in detriment, Moon in her fall too, Sun and Jupiter are peregrine.

In this case being an example of liar and egopathy it could be interesting to look to Venus and Jupiter which are both not nicely placed in the first house, especially Jupiter which is against its sect and receive the aspect from a predominant Saturn at MC.

As Ptolemy reminds us that Jupiter (Venus in her dark sides is more inclined to lust and flesh sins):

If Jupiter alone has the domination of the soul, in honourable positions he makes his subjects magnanimous, generous, god-fearing, honourable, pleasure-loving, kind, magnificent, liberal, just, high-minded, dignified, minding their own business, compassionate, fond of discussion, beneficent, affectionate, with qualities of leadership. If he chances to be in the opposite kind of position, he makes their souls seem similar, to be sure, but with a difference in the direction of greater humility, less conspicuousness, and poorer judgement.

For example, instead of magnanimity, he endows them with prodigality; instead of reverence for the gods, with superstition; instead of modesty, with cowardice; instead of dignity, with conceit; instead of kindness, with foolish simplicity; instead of the love of beauty, with love of pleasure; instead of high-mindedness, with stupidity; instead of liberality, with indifference, and the like.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2011. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



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