About tailed stars and other stories: coming back from Apotelesma congress

Traditional astrology is alive and kicking in Italy too, and the evidence is the yearly meeting of Apotelesma congress, organized by its President and our friend Lucia Bellizia. Under an almost summer sun – very strange for Halloween’s eve – but we had the traditional pumpkin and candles together with  six lectures, which put together astrology together with statistics and philological  and scholar research.

So Giancarlo Ufficiale, one of the founders of Cieloeterra, presented his research about ancient and modern astronomers. As tradition wants his data show  astronomers (statistically) have a strong Mercury as lord of geniture or ruler of actions. And the highest frequency of aspects Mercury-Saturn and (oh my God) Mercury- Uranus….. (it’s the first and last I write this word in  my blog!)

Lucia Bellizia talked about comets in some texts taken from different moment of transmission of astrological tradition: Ptolemy, Hephaistio of Thebes, Leopold of Austria, Girolamo Cardano, Francesco Giuntini, Girolamo Vitali.  Included in the paper translation from Hephaistio (already known to English speaking astrologers) and Francesco Giuntini, untranslated in a modern language.

Giuseppe Bezza presented some notes about Galen theory of the productions of humors and temporal cycles. If elements are daimones of all things, they could be called kentra, angles or cardines. And this it’s a word we know very well 🙂
The gentle author of this blog just noticed that the starting point of Bezza’s paper was a quote from Galen she already mentioned in this blog  when she met Bezza in Florence. Since then, she understood very well that they very meaningful and she chose them  to illustrate Bezza’s talk, so she will repeat again. “The element in the world, is humor in the living beings, time in the year.”

Giuseppe Bezza (with the Halloween pumpkin)

In the afternoon Gabriele Ruscelli explained his statistical research about Mars’sideral return and sport victories and Gabriele Vanin talked about some hypothesis about the birth of ancient and modern constellations. Especially interesting his consideration about Hipparchus’ fragments which are arrived to us and the fact that for the good press he should thank Ptolemy 🙂

Marco Fumagalli, another co-founder and Vice-President of Cieloeterra, needs some words.
In his report he took into considerations the effects of nebulae on eyesight starting from Ptolemy and the text of the deservedly famous text of the Anonymous of the year  379. But what about all the nebulae observed after them? After having showed a lot of astonishing pictures of  the real nebulae in the sky, Fumagalli showed the charts of blind persons, from birth or because of some disease with ancient and new nebulae in the angles, with malefics, or with the Lights.

And something else from his new software, a virtual astrolabe which could calculate primary directions (because Placidian  houses are nothing else than hours). Very, very beautiful.

Andromeda with her nebula discovered by Al-Sufi

A special friend of Apotelesma Congress is Wolfgang Tomsits (with his wife) was there  for the second year, but we should miss Dimitar Kozhuharov, another well known name to traditional astrologers, who eventually could not reach Genoa  (I had problems too because of a flood which blocked both the railway and the highway and cut the city away from the rest of Italy). Anyway the audience could read his  report about the transition between the sidereal and tropical  solar return is based on a couple of manuscripts of astronomical tables. We had the pleasure to meet again Felice Stoppa, the author of the well known site Atlas Coelestis and the French astrologer Daniele Jay.

Beyond the high standard of the lectures, Apotelesma is by now,  every year more, a meeting of new and old friends.

Info, events and articles of Apotelesma can be read  at www.apotelesma.it.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2011. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


2 thoughts on “About tailed stars and other stories: coming back from Apotelesma congress

  1. It sounds like a wonderful day with very interesting lectures – I’m envious. But I particularly liked your quotation:
    “The element in the world, is humor in the living beings, time in the year.”
    So, very true.

  2. Yes, I noticed too this quote when I heard the first time. I had no text in front, just a record, but these are words switching some chord inside.

    And on my side I hope sometimes I will be able to hear you in one of your lectures.

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