Dorotheus on ships: the Concordia departure

I have received and happily publish from Marco Fumagalli, math mind (and more) of Cieloeterra the following article about Costa Concordia and the astonishing lines from Dorotheus:

If the commencement takes place at the hour of the Moon when the Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun and Mars are opposite to the Moon or in quartile [to it] or are with the Moon in the same sign, then it indicates that misfortune will reach the ship….If the Moon is not  in one of the watery signs but in a dry sign while the Sun and Mars aspect to the situation of I which wrote, then it indicates that misfortune and breaking will reach this ship from the coast of the sea or from a stone or a mountain that it is in the sea. (( Dorotheus of Sidon, Carmen astrologicum (Leipzig: éd. D. Pingree, 1976). ))

By “commencement” Dorotheus means here the making of the ship, but the idea obviously should be extended at the moment the ship sails off. He mentions the square, but it should be the same for a mundane parallel .

Ship departure of Costa Concordia

Click to enlarge

Moon in a dry sign with Mars (and Sinos ((Lot of Illness)) and Coma Berenices in mundane parallel with the Sun (which is with Tolma ((Lot of Courage)) ) . The Moon is in the sign of Virgo and in hind legs  of Leo.

Written by Marco Fumagalli (Screenshot taken from the forthcoming astro-software Phasis)


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