The Concordia shipwreck

Last Friday the cruise ship Costa Concordia, a luxury ship and the largest built in Italy had a fatal shipwreck in front of Giglio island, few hours from departure. At the moment there are at least 3 victims and around 60 are lost at the sea. In the last hours three people are being rescued (they were in the part of the ship not yet sunk. Rescue operations can be possible only in that part, and moreover rescuers  risk their life because the ship can suddenly sank if the rock would fail.

Concordia left Civitavecchia at 07:00 pm of January, 13

The departure chart
The departure chart (Civitavecchia)

The Sun ruler of the Ascendant is in the cadent and unfavorable  sixth house and Mars and Saturn are predominant.  The Moon is with Mars.

Let see the chart for the moment of the accident. An official note from the Coast Guard says “around 10 pm”, but all the survivors  say before, around 9.30 pm.

the moment of collision
the moment of collision (Giglio porto)

What does William Lilly say in the XXVI chapter of Christian Astrology II?

in regard the most part of the judgment concerning its safety or ruin is derived from the Ascendant and his Lord, and the Moon, I thought fit to place this judgment as belonging to the 1st house. Generally, the Signe ascending and the Moon are Significators of the Ship, and what goods are in her: if in the question demanded you find all these unfortunate, that is, if a malevolent Planet by position be placed in the Ascendant, he having dignities in the 8th;……you may judge the Ship is lost, and the men drowned, (unless you find reception betwixt themselves).

In this chart Moon and the Ascendant are with Mars, which has dignity in the 8th house being its ruler, but Mercury – ruler of the Ascendant has a reception with Mars: in fact Mercury is in Capricorn (where Mars has the exaltation) and Mars is in Virgo (where Mercury has the domicile).

Aldebaran,  a star of Mars nature, and one of the four royal stars, is culminating with the South Node.

Aldebaran at MC
Aldebaran at MC

As Jean Stade wrote:

Royal stars mixed  with Lights or benefic significators, promise the greatest excellence of rank and  glory. The same when alone, they are occupying the important angles,  but if they are not supported by benefics, will end in a very great fall…..

Is this not true about a special luxury ship like Costa Concordia?

inside the ship
inside the ship

the sinking ship
the sinking ship

So mixed significators allowed the rescue of the most part of the guests of the ship, but not all, there are around 40 victims.

4 thoughts on “The Concordia shipwreck

  1. Hi Margherita,
    I have a question and maybe you know the answer! The bottle did not break as we can see on YouTube: But the bottle was thrown on the 7th of July 2006, not on the 2nd of September, as suggested here. See
    The ship was Christened on the 7th of July 2006 in Rome and the ceremony took place at 10.30 PM. Looking at the Youtube movie, I wondered if the time is correct? I think it is dark in Rome then, or am I mistaken?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. It seems to me two different events

    on Semptember, 02, 2005 the ship took the sea from Genova

    on July 7th, July it was christened in Civitavecchia

    They say in the evening:

    Anyway in Italy at 10.30 pm is night, there is not ” white nights”, from light I believe it’s earlier maybe around 8.00 pm

  3. Thanks, Margherita, that was helpful. How important is the chart of the christening in your opinion, or would you prefer the launch chart of this ship?
    regards and thanks!

  4. I showed the video to my friends and we have the doubt that the video could show 2 September 2005, not July 2006. As you wrote, there is too much light for being in the evening.
    Honestly, I would take the first one, the second for what I read- but obviously I don’t understand anything about ships- looks like a fashion event.

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