The snow falls in Rome

The year 2012 starts with a special event: after 26 years (in 1986) the snow comes back in Rome.  A traditional astrologer cannot help to see at sky,  especially those engaged in traditional astrology,  because weather and wonders were obviously the most ancient field of application of our art.

sshot-2020-02-16-[20-55-12]So let us give a look to the syzygy preceding the event.

sshot-2020-02-16-[20-55-50]Saturn is the obvious choice as ruler of the chart: it rules both the lights and the Ascendant, so we will focus on it, taking from a booklet recently translated by Giuseppe Bezza,  Giovanni Magini’s De Mutatione Aeris   (On the change of the weather)  ((  Giovanni Antonio Magini. De Mutatione Aeris Libellus (ed. Giuseppe Bezza). Milano  Italy: Colibrì, 2010. ))

Says Magini, who was Andrea Argoli’s teacher:

If Saturn alone rules the disposition of the air in general it chills and constricts air,  which cannot absorb the heat of the Sun, sometimes more, sometimes less. Cold especially when it is oriental…

Saturn in Libra, where it is especially strong, beholds with a square the conjunction of the Lights: that’s it is called an opening of the doors.

Among the commixture of the planets, three are the most important and are called opening of the doors, because when they occur, are produced in the air the greatest and evident effects and a remarkable change. The first opening of the doors is the mixture of Saturn with the  Sun or the Moon and generates a muddy, cloudy and cold air, especially in earth or air signs, in the water signs, great  rains and in winter the snow, especially when Saturn rules on the angle in the moment of the new or full moon or the square to Lights.

Not enough?

At the Ascendant the stars of the tail of  Capricorn are rising.

sshot-2020-02-16-[20-56-28]Goes on Magini:

The Sun when it rises with the tail of Capricorn brings snow.

So it seems to me that whatever Renaissance astrologer could predict this event, even if so special and rare.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


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