Costa Concordia Captain Schettino birth chart

Thanks to two excellent astrologers and friend of mine, Grazia Bordoni and Tommaso Crisci, who  discovered the birth time (from birth certificate) we can give a look to Captain Schettino  – the (un)famous  captain who led to disaster the ship Costa Concordia, while was showing his guests Giglio Island and his skills with a near-shore salute.
The result of his conversations with the Captain Gregorio De Falco “”Get the fuck back on board!” has become since then a rebel yell for the new Italy (without Berlusconi).

But let’s give a look to his birth chart.

Schettino birth chart
Francesco Schettino , born 14 Nov 2011, 3:55 pm Napoli, IT

Let us see…Our attention is immediately drawn by  Taurus on the Ascendant and the opposition of the two malefics on the MC-IC axis.

So there arises the Taurus and Moon in Virgo, two Earth signs, (plus the autumn season) but the shape of the body and the temperament are obviously not melancholic. The  Moon is in the cold and moist phase ,  and Venus very hot and moist, being vespertine, and together with Jupiter (other moist planet).

How Venusian temperaments are?

Venus makes singers and loved people, friends of flowers and kindness, they attend to make them beautiful, they are very fond of themselves, they have a proper figure, beautiful hair and tender skin, they live lazily….Their work will be to the right thing, but without effort. He  will be a lover of play, of laughter, of happiness and joy, good guest, he dresses in white, benevolent, with sweet and soft words, he attends a lot to his body and to his face.

On the other hand a phlegmatic temperament is always very worried for himself, but it is even the more long-lived, and generally buries the rest of his family. So no surprise in resisting to any order or sea law, temperament is something more basic, as one of the main characters of one of the greatest book of (our) literature: `I repeat, my Lord,` answered he, therefore, `that I shall be to blame . . . One can`t give one`s self courage.`

Mercury and Moon are not configured each other, but two planets have a common rulership on them and put them together: unfortunately they are not the right ones: in fact they are Mars and Venus. Of Venus we have already told, Mars is against its sect, in an angle, in its fall. What it does, it does not very well….

Moreover if we want to add some Ptolemy:

If Saturn and Mars control the luminaries, however, and particularly if they are in opposition to each other, they will make the results useless and will involve the subject in great dangers, through unfortunate voyages and shipwreck if they are in watery signs. (in effect in this chapter Ptolemy talks about both signs and constellations, and Capricorn constellation has a fish tail, but the Cancer is enough for us.)

In every case the reception avoided the fatal end for him, but granted a profession according Rhetorius:

Saturn in 10th house or ascendant in watery sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), with Mars and Sun, or they are in aspect by square or opposition, yield sailors or steersmen or ship captains.

Eventually we can search for some direction.

We can easily find for the end of November 2011 the mundane opposition of Mars to the Sun, which according Ptolemy means “dignities and glory“.

That’s the chart cast with Morinus software. I added just hourly distances, taken from the radix and direction position  speculum. As we see from the picture, Mars, in the radix chart very near to the IC  ( radix Hourly Distance  0.08) arrived by mundane direction to 5.03, exactly opposed to the Sun (radix Hourly Distance 5,03)

Mars mundane opposition to the Sun
Mars mundane opposition to the Sun

If it is not enough  we can see the Solar Return for Naples (I don’t relocate since I never found a traditional source for this older than Morin de Villefranche)

Schettino solar return
Schettino solar return

Guess? The pesty Mars is hovering of the Ascendant of Return….

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


13 thoughts on “Costa Concordia Captain Schettino birth chart

  1. Solar 2011 Captain Schettino (sidereal zodiac)

    Sol.Moon (Lord V natal) is opp natal Mc (25 Sag 54) natal Mars is midpoint tr
    Tr Moon conj natal Mars/Lillith(3/4):activities are prone to fail.

    Solar Asc.(16Ta52’)square natal Moonnode/Pluto in Leo (V)consequence:
    Change in one’s relation or place to environments

    Solar Vesta/Neptune,conjunct Solar Mc is square Solar Sun/Poseidon deprive of profession.
    Vertex solar in VI in Virgo is opp Natal Asc 11 Aries 53’ in natal I

    Solar Sun 28Libra03’in solar VII, natal Sun in VII:sees more in presentation engaging to guests.

    Solar Moon(22Gemini30’)II, Lord of natal V is sq Solar Pars 22Virgo25 in Solar V. ís conjunct natal Poseidon/Vertex 21Vi12’34’ danger to profession as a captain.

    Solar Mercury (20Sc36′)Venus (21Sc38′)Cupido (24Sc06′)Node (19Sc26′)in VII Solar = midpoint natal Moonnode,Pluto/natal Pars (16Aq19′)in XI: Ladies guests visit his private

    Solar Mars is conjunct natal Uranus/Zeus in Leo in natal V : sexual escapades.
    Solar Captain Schettino

    Solar Jupiter (8Ar04′)in solar XII is conjunct natal Hades and Admetos
    (14Ar35 / 2Ar20′):
    Too late discovery of the damage, failure in protecting guests.(in later
    months from birthday).

    Solar Saturnus (Lord natal X) 29Vi10′ opp natal Eastpoint: Danger for his position as a Captain.(house V)

    Solar Uranus(5 Pi 59’)conjunct Vernal Point(5 Pi48′): 90° natal Vulkanus(5Ge16′)III (idea of power)

    Natal Uranus is Lord natal XII in natal V. Told is he was “host” of a lady dancer.

    Solar Neptune (3Aq14′)mundane lord of XII conjunct solar Mc (22Cap15) possible danger jail;
    Solar Neptune opp natal Uranus(1Leo29)is natal lord XII.
    Solar Neptune conjunct natal Cheiron (5Aq44) in natal XI:is insecure in profession, disappointing people,lying.

    Solar Pluto VIII (10Sag52’) trine Solar Jupiter XII (8Ar04′); Mars (7Leo20)IV is midpoint solar Ju/Pluto.Solar Pluto Natal lord solar VIII in VIII 45° Sun (28Li03)is natal lord VIII.
    Cheiron in Solar X is conjunct solar Neptune in X opp rx Uranus/Zeus in natal V: destruction of the ship.

    Mc (22CP15′) is conjunct Vesta 22CP 12’= Driven by desire for fame and fortune , antician Mc =7Sag 45. = conjunct tr Pluto

    Solar Pluto (10Sag52) VIII is opp solar Hades (6Ge22′)II : destruction of property.
    Pluto conjunct natal Juno/Venus in Sag (IX ) = loveaffair

    Sol.2011 in the same house-cyclus of natal horoscope:an eventful year.
    Neptune Solar is Lord Solar XII is conjunct Mc is significant for jail; tr Neptune is conjunct natal Cheiron: housearrest Cheiron proves to be a benefical planet here.

  2. Amazing posts as always!

    Interestingly Captain`s profected radical ascendant landed in the 12th house of the revolution (Leo) wich gives further negative relevance to the Sun-Mars direction.

    And by whole sign revolutionary Mars was with the radical Moon, and partile with the radical north lunar node, wich can`t be of any help to keep a ship floating.


  3. I agree, your post, dear Margherita, is excellent – as ever :-))
    But, I have a question. Why Mars is against its sect? Only because it is in water sign?


  4. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Mars is against sect because Schettino is a diurnal chart, and Mars a nocturnal planets. According Hellenistic astrologers like Firmicus, planets which are not in agreement are harmful in every case, whatever position they have, above or below the horizon, in masculine or feminine signs.
    In practice Saturn corrupts in a nocturnal chart, Mars in a diurnal. Hope to read you too soon, margherita

  5. Excellent material on your site! Just for the record: I was quite bemused by Ms. Anny van Berckel-de Kok comment…What purpose does it have to publish this on a Traditional Astrology Web site???? She is not only using the modern approach, but even adding asteroids(!) and Hypothetical points from the Uranian school… Perhaps she is trying to show you how well this modern approach functions!!!! Very funny indeed.
    Congratulations again.
    PD:I arrived to your site looking for tips for using Primary directions…The most hellish issue of astrology, as it seems, as every source is using different techniques…For example, Henry Gouchon (I cannot guess what system is he using in his “Les previsions a longue echeance”…Then Anthony Louis is advocating primary as calculated by Solar Fire, in his “The art of forecasting using Solar Returns”…Then in the huge “A rectification Manual: The American Presidency”, published by Regulus Astrology LLC, (where they use a lot of ancient techniques in their 800 pages) they proclaim that Janus software is “kosher” with Primary Directions…Then Sepharial, then Makransky…All of them are producing differnt set of supposed Primary directions…Then yu use Kepler software-for a change-and you don’t know what the heck you are getting…If you have a clue -which I am certain you do-I will be very grtaful to hear it from you…

  6. In my opinion for the general discussion about primary directions the best book in English is Martin Gansten
    You should absolutely buy it.

    Unfortunately it is very (too much) short on practical side, he puts just formula at the end of the book.

    So use examples in my blog, they are based on Cieloeterra (Italian traditional association) method by Marco Fumagalli, easier than Kolev one, but the same result. Morinus software fits very well traditional methods.

  7. Hi How come Mars mundane direction is opposite his Sun. It should be in Virgo in 2011


  8. hi margherita,using mundane primary directions i am unable to get pd mars to the opposition to natal sun until about 2017. i wonder what you are doing differently to get this data? i am using placidus semiarc mundane directions with naibod key. ptolemy key will get mars to the opposition of sun in 2016.

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