Software review: primary directions charts in Morinus

Since last weekend Morinus new version (( site: )) has been released and I’d like to spend some words for a review .

Its new features are basically the mundane charts and the so called “Primary Directions in charts”.

Mundane charts

In these charts planets are not considered according their ecliptic projection, but rather their real positions in the houses.  Obviously planets so considered can easily shift houses depending how their latitude is.
They can be found under CHARTS/MUNDANE.

Primary directions in chart

It is the graphical representation of the directed planets at a given date, i.e. an event hit.
In order to get this chart it is necessary to right-click on the tabled list of directions: by default the corresponding (better we will see this below) chart will appear, but it is possible to edit the date or the arc and getting a new chart for the given date or the arc.

An example can be found in my previous post

Unfortunately the software is not user-friendly in this case, and the software help does not really help – forgive the joke. The user cannot find the settings for the main kinds of directions (the default settings are not always the right ones), and in reading the help the user only will find a strange threefold classification, which is frankly very difficult to associate with whatever known technique.

Anyway with a little of patience we can get traditional directions. These are the right settings: (please choose “aspects of promissor to significator“)

PD settings latitude PD chart settings
semiarc without latitude celestial- from the ecliptic feet
Regiomontanus significator with its latitude celestial from the planets
Under the pole significator with its latitude celestial from the planets
mundane terrestrial (no secondary motion)

Other settings will not agree with the list of directions, no hope, at least they are not real traditional techniques.

Italian readers will find this and more in my forthcoming seminar in Rome (in Italian 🙂 ), on 14 April 2012. See Info

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


9 thoughts on “Software review: primary directions charts in Morinus

  1. As usual you are helpful. I have been putting time into my Vedic Astrology and beta testing Skyplux for the desktop of late so keeping up with Morinus is a bit hard. I did download the last update though and should look at your settings at least .

  2. Margherita-Just got Windows 10 computer-Can I use above link to install Morinus? I see it is about 8 years old Thank You Harold NYC US

  3. Margherita-I have program now on my new computer.I see solar eclipse coming on July 2 in Cancer. It looks like Saturn opposes eclipse in Capricorn but he is Retrograde.Just curious to any comments -Regards -Harold

  4. Margherita-I have been devastated by news from Italy as a result of Covid virus.I am hoping you are OK and this will pass soon.Harold Queens NY

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