Helen Keller and the diseases of the body

Seeing on TV the twice Academy award winner The miracle worker from Helen Keller’s autobiography I decided to give a look to her chart, as collected in Rodden datababank (I rectified the hour some minutes earlier) .

For those who don’t know the story Helen Keller was a deaf/blind/dumb baby- unable to communicate with the external world who – tutored by a 20 years old half blind teacher, Anne Sullivan – conquered her way to the world and then eventually graduated (she was the first deaf/blind to earn a Bachelor in Arts, being able to read in Braille French, English, Latin and Greek!) and became a writer, a lecturer, a suffragette, an activist and a socialist.

Here we have two different problems, with the eyes and the ears, and both we can easily find in her birth chart.

Helen Keller birth chart
Helen Keller birth chart

Eyes are generally connected with the Lights, while ears are linked with Mercury.

About the deafness we could easily find a proper quote:

Saturn and Mercury in square aspect, with Saturn in the upper position indicate exile from the first day of birth; they weaken all planning and thought processes and hinder activities by cold sluggishness of character….. 14. Some will be tongue-tied and make babbling sounds; others will be deaf. IV,14    (( Julius Firmicus Maternus. Ancient Astrology: Theory and Practice = Matheseos Libri VIII. Park Ridge  N.J.: Noyes Press, 1975. ))

Both the malefic planets are connected with Mercury: Saturn has a predominant square and Mars not so far, in the same sign.

The malefic Saturn is on the 6th cusp, which is the house ruling illness and disease. It is in Aries, and if we rectify the birth time some minutes earlier the cusp falls in Aries too.

Aries is indicative of the head in general, the sensory faculties, and the eyesight. In the point now at issue, Aries causes headaches, dimming of vision, strokes, deafness, blindness. (( Vettius Valens, Anthologies, II,37 ))

Interesting is the Lights’ position. According Ptolemy in fact they rule eyes. Malefics afllicting them or in conjunction with nebulae or clusters can cause blindness. (( See the definitive work by Marco Fumagalli, Il cielo oscuro, nebule antiche e nebule moderne, in Atti del IV Convegno Apotelesma, 2011 ))

For blindness in one eye is brought about when the moon by itself is upon the aforesaid angles, or is in conjunction, or is full, and when it is in another aspect that bears a relation to the sun, but applies to one of the star clusters in the zodiac, as for example to the cluster in Cancer, and to the Pleiades of Taurus, to the arrow point of Sagittarius, to the sting of Scorpio, to the parts of Leo around the Coma Berenices, or to the pitcher of Aquarius; and whenever Mars or Saturn moves toward the moon, when it is angular and waning and they are rising, or again when they ascend before the sun, being themselves angular.  III, 12 (( Ptolemy. Tetrabiblos. Translation Frank Robbins. Cambridge Mass.; London: Harvard University Press ;; W. Heinemann, 1980.
We have read the Italian translation by Giuseppe Bezza))

In this chart we have different inputs:

Pleiades are setting at the Descendant

The setting Pleiades
The setting Pleiades

Moon is with the Water of Aquarius

The Moon
The Moon

and lastly the Sun is with another nebula, M47

Sun and M47
Sun and M47

M47 is a “modern” nebula, which is not in Ptolemy’s list but was firstly observed  with the help of telescope by Hodierna and listed in his own catalogue De Admirandis Coeli Caracteribus (1654). It is a cluster in the Argo Navis stern.  (( see  note no.3 )).


In the syzygy preceding the birth, malefics are at the angles, and Saturn has aspects with both.

The preceding syzygy
The preceding syzygy

In the solar return of the year she lost her sight Saturn and Mars cast a predominant square to the Moon

solar return for the illness
solar return for the illness

Still she had a possibility

Vega rising
Vega rising

Vega is rising at the Ascendant and according the Anonymous 379

Since all these stars have the temperament and nature of Venus and Mercury, if one of them rises at the horoscope (9), not only does it make the natives well-known, famous and resourceful, but also very learned and erudite, fond of philosophical dissertations, eloquent, creative, perspicacious, ingenious and clever, keen on music and arts and good-hearted.

She said:

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



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