Astrophasis: a new, “Ptolemaic” astrology software

I have already shared with my Facebook contacts the making of a new commercial astrology software ASTROPHASIS based on Cieloeterra – the Italian traditional astrology association led by Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli- teachings.

The software runs both on Windows (XP and higher) and Mac in three versions: basic, professional and universal – and the license can be used only on one workstation.

By default it comes with Cieloeterra settings, which can be easily unselected from the options menu, enabling the international user to find almost (( the software at the moment can calculate only under-the-pole and mundane directions, so semiarc and Regiomontanus should be calculate with a different software, pity 😦 )) everything in need. At the first the user is caught by the wonderful graphics which makes this software unique.Screenshots are visible in the software’s pages but we cannot help to mention what we find we cannot live without anymore

the Moon’s moieties

Moon vis luminis
Moon vis luminis

the temperament assessment

choosing rulers of temperament
choosing rulers of temperament

the  nativity’s almuten  according IbnEzra and the Lord of Geniture

Almuten and Lord of nativity
Almuten and Lord of nativity

the inner and outer epicycle

phases of planets with heliacal risings and settings
phases of planets with heliacal risings and settings

synastry points table (built on Ptolemy’s chapter about love and other Hellenistic astrologers)

Love charts :)
Love charts 🙂

stars and planets astro-cartography

Sirius rising
Sirius rising in a birth chart

future times chart with radix/return/profections/directions (the software gives too a list of directions by hit-date)

future times charts
future times charts

the same in a zodiacal strip

the zodiacal strip
the zodiacal strip

the mundane astrology module

The Great Conjunction- Ingress bi-wheel
The Great Conjunction- Ingress bi-wheel

In effect the software has thousand of functions and it is impossible to list everything- I just put here my fav ones, so please you can visit the software page.

A working demo (limited to 1880-1884) can be downloaded here. I’m sure you will love it like me and could not do astrology without it.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.

6 thoughts on “Astrophasis: a new, “Ptolemaic” astrology software

  1. Was never able to get the demo to work for me on either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium…

  2. Egregia Dottoressa Fiorello,

    Ho potuto installare Phasis (Windows 7, spagnolo) senza difficoltà.

    Le posizioni celesti da Dott. Jean Meeus sono diverse di quelle delle efemere svizzere? Nel caso positivo, come et perché diverse, per cortesia?

    Migliori saluti,

    Abd-Allah Meyers

  3. I loved the software, however it is too expensive for me. I wonder when the price will decrease and/or there would be more options of payment soon (although its expensive, I dont mind to pay it in monthly recurring payments).

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