Coming back from the 5th Apotelesma Conference

The annual meeting of Italian traditional astrology students  for Apotelesma Conference in Genoa is already an established tradition, an opportunity to do good astrology, and meet new and old friends from Italy and Europe: between the rest Wolfgang Tomsits, an Austrian astrologer arrived in Genoa with Kolev two latest books which we envied very much 🙂 ; Patrizia Nava a qualified Frawley horarist (and her fiancè we could do not without); Julianne Evans, an Australian astrologer living in Italy; Patrizia Zivec, a specialist in weather forecasts according Ptolemy and Medieval astrologers; Katia Mazzoni and Mauro Martinelli, authors of an interesting booklet about earthquakes in traditional astrology, and many friends  practicing both modern and ancient astrology which is impossible to list.

This year the conference was focused on the connection of astrology with other disciplines and arts.

The conference was opened by Mario Costantino, one of Cieloeterra founders, was about  “philosophy, art and science in Leonardo’s work”, especially in the Last supper. As Costantino showed the painting is based on Ptolemaic doctrine of the 12 signs (the 12 Apostles), 7 planets, 4 triplicities (the 4 groups of the painting), 3 modes, and 24 hours.
In effect in Leonardo’s library were present Valla, Johannes de Sacrobosco, Regiomontanus, Cecco d’Ascoli, Albertus Magnus, Ptolemy, Alcabitius, Albumasar and all the most important Medieval astrology texts.
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Lucia Bellizia
talked about the “heavenly alphabet” was surely the most erudite lecture of the day, and she is surely a worthy student of Giuseppe Bezza. Thanks to her expertise in Greek and Latin she could offer to the audience a pseudo-Valens text from CCAG IV (which is not present in the Antologies) about a method of divination based on the correspondence between Greek letters, numbers  and zodiacal signs together with another method based on Petosiris fragments edited by Riess which required a cryptographic wheel called in fact Petosiris wheel. Bellizia also highlighted the great contribution given by philologists to the knowledge of astrology.
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The third lecture by the French astrologer and researcher Patrice Guinard was about the physician and seer Michel de Nostradamus  and the necessity of starting  a new path in the studies about the Provence seer, free of falsifications, plagiarisms and pseudo-quatrains.
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The Art Nouveau Virgo from Flammarion map - Felice Stoppa lecture
The Art Nouveau Virgo from Flammarion map - Felice Stoppa lecture

The first lecture of the afternoon, after a musical interlude by the astrologer and cellist Giovanni Lippi, who enchanted the audience with some Bach’s dances (me too, even if I’m accustomed to a more “alternative” music) was Giancarlo Ufficiale about libido and stars ( the Italian word for libido sounds like the Latin word “de-SIDER-ium” ), a lecture about Freudian psychology. While many Italian astrologers are waiting the forthcoming conference about C.G.Jung and astrology , Ufficiale talked about the other side of psychology. Starting from Ptolemaic doctrine of planetary influences (according which events are only very partially influenced by stars, ((Tetr., I,2 )) he mentioned one’s of Lacan’s aphorisms: “the subject is not his own house’s owner”. What psychology attributes to family, past experiences, es, collective unconscious and so on, there astrology talks about sky.
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Laura Malinverni
‘s lecture about the court astrologer of the duke of Milan was my favourite lecture. She showed an horary chart and an ingress cast in order to judge about the Pope Innocent VIII, suffering from an acute illness culminating with his death, as foreseen by the astrologer. Malinverni is not yet so proficient  in traditional astrology as the other speakers but she will learn very soon, I’m sure, as we have seen from this talk. Real reports from professional astrologers, obliged to get the right results in order to maintain their status and benefits in Renaissance courts offer best opportunities to learn traditional astrology.

Last lecture was from the very famous and generous historian of cartography Felice Stoppa. Stoppa talked about different models of universe, from the Aristotlean to the heliocentric system and the more recent model, a new universe where  the 97% is dark matter. He also showed the Flammarion Atlas with its fin-de-siecle pictures and a wonderful video about a Renaissance ceiling, Palazzo Besta which can be seen here.
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Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.


One thought on “Coming back from the 5th Apotelesma Conference

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