Obama and the retrograde Mercury

Being obliged to wait spring for Italian political elections (moreover without so young and  charming candidates) I’d like to give a look to Obama’s elections or better to some predictions, moreover successful for which I should congratulate with the authors (I surely could not do the same) .

The first one is that so well explained here by Chris Brennan, about retrograde Mercury. In short words a stationary Mercury, turning retrograde, could signify a controversial result. It was like that for example in the  Bush vs. Gore election, where every single vote should be counted.

Even this election we had the same situation of the retrograde Mercury, so what we could expect for Obama & Romney?

Tables of stations from SF
Tables of stations from SF

Being a little skeptical by nature (the nasty Virgo Sun!) I tried in an Skyscript  October thread with a similar Italian case: in 2006 Romano Prodi won on Berlusconi for 24,000 votes. This was an evident case for the stationary Mercury to me and so I cast the chart. Unfortunately this was the result, no trace of stationing retrograde Mercury:

2006 elections- opening of the polls
2006 elections- opening of the polls

For me the matter was closed. The method did not work, so I wrote in the October thread, and this was true 🙂 At least from here  Obama’s victory has been greater than we could expect and nobody talks of the stationing Mercury anymore….

The other method I want to talk about is Brady’s one, based on Venus phases, a kind of revisited Mesopotamian astrology .  Brady correctly predicted the victory of a Democrat President both in 2008 and 2012. If I well the understand the rule “a morning Venus favors who holds the crown, a vespertine Venus whom radiates”.

Let’s try with next Italian election, in 2008. Romano Prodi (left party) was the incumbent, Silvio Berlusconi (right party) the rival.

2008 elections- opening of the polls
2008 elections- opening of the polls

Berlusconi won with absolute majority of the Chamber of Deputies, without any almost any opposition, the far left wing party out of Chamber.

Unfortunately here Venus is matutine, so she is at the wrong side because Brady says that the matutine Venus favors the “old king” .

I let readers deciding if these methods work only for USA, or did not work. In every case Italian readers should be advised that next May Venus will be vespertine ….. (( so no room for the old king Berlusconi 🙂  )).

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



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