Social Ascent in Vettius Valens: Silvio Berlusconi’s case

The astrologer Ile Spasev (( author of the blog )) in a Christmas thread in Skyscript forum posted an interesting excerpt  from Vettius Valens about the rank of the native. Writes Valens :

Differences in birth, i.e. servile and noble nativities, are determined from the phases of the nativity. If the sign of the phase or the ruler of that sign is unfavorably situated or is beheld by malefics, the native will be base. Even if he attains high rank and a position of trust, he will be ruined.

If the phase is found at an angle, and its ruler has benefics in aspect, the native will become noble and famous.

If the place <of> is in operative signs, but its ruler is unfavorably situated or beheld by malefics, then the native is free-born and begins life well, but he later falls into reversals, servitude, and want.

If the ruler is found in operative signs, but the place itself is unfavorably situated, the native will fare very ill in his first years in servile roles and will be unsettled, but later he will live easily, be elevated, and gain freedom, success, and a family <name>, especially if benefics incline.

If the place <of> and its ruler are unfavorably situated and both are beheld by malefics, the native will be exposed as an infant, or will become a captive and experience servitude. If under these conditions, benefics come close or are in co-aspect, the native will be released from servitude after the chronocratorships of the malefics and will become a man of property.

If the place is guarded by malefics, but its ruler by benefics, the native, although of servile birth, will be raised as a free-born man, or will rise by being adopted or taken in <to>. If the opposite is true, i.e. the place is guarded by benefics and the ruler by malefics, the native, although free-born, will be reduced to slavery or will hand himself over, in middle age, into slavery for lack of food or as a means of gaining a position and occupation. (( Vettius Valens, Anthologiae, Mark Riley’s translation ))

The method consists in based on the observation of the new or full moon preceding the birth, about the sign where the syzygy falls and its ruler.

An immediate thought for an Italian astrologer goes to Silvio Berlusconi, one of the richest men in the world, and three times Italian Prime Minister, in these days running again for the forthcoming February elections.

Berlusconi’s origins are humble: he comes from the middle class, his father was a bank employee and his mother a housewife, anyway in his thirties he had already built Milano Due. The rest is known…..

The ill-matched couple, Cranach 1532

As always I used the 5.40 am birth chart: his birth certificate reports 6.30 am, but he repeatedly gave 5.40 am for several astrological consultations (( source Grazia Bordoni, famous Italian astrologer and collector of birth data, if she says so it is like that! ))

The following is the bi-wheel with Berlusconi chart inside, the preceding syzygy outside

imageMercury is the ruler of the syzygy and rules the Ascendant and the MC of the nativity. The syzygy is just setting in the NM chart, and it is on the radix chart Ascendant, so angular in both charts.  Mercury is free of malefics in the radix chart, in a sign ruled by a benefic, Venus, and with Venus in her domicile the NM chart.

In short here we have:

– the preceding syzygy (22 Virgo) angular in both charts;

– the syzygy sign (Virgo) angular in both charts;

– the syzygy ruler (Mercury) is the ruler of Asc. and MC of the nativity chart; it is free from malefics; it is  in a benefic’s sign in both charts, and with its ruler in the preceding NM chart.

Mercury is invisible with the Sun so it fits with the obscure origin of Berlusconi money.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2012. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.




3 thoughts on “Social Ascent in Vettius Valens: Silvio Berlusconi’s case

  1. Concordo con Margherita: l’ascendente in segno di Mercurio mi sembra più verosimile al ruolo di imbonitore delle folle. Costui mente sempre…Con asc. in Bilancia, e Venere nel suo esilio in luogo pigro non si spiegherebbe il suo successo. Mercurio in Bilancia in prima con Venere spiega meglio la sua verbosità melliflua e ingannatrice.

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