Pope Benedict XVI resigns

A couple of weeks ago world was shocked with the news of the Pope Benedict’s resignation, which is in fact it’s a very strange news considering here are well know both Celestine V and Malachy’s prophecy about the last Pope. But what about astrology?

I renounced to the more usual Solar Fire because Morinus shows very well which is the planetary conditions according colors: Sun and Jupiter in detriment, Mercury in detriment and fall, the rest of planets peregrine.

Pope resigns, 11th February 2013, h.11:46 am
Pope resigns, 11 February 2013, h.11:46 am, Rome-Italy

Let us read what Bonatti requires for the good result of an action in the very beginning of his Book on Elections:

It is necessary for you to adapt the particular ones, namely after you have adapted the luminaries and the lord of the Ascendant, and the planet signifying the matter which the inceptor intend to do (and) obviously the house which signifies the matter about which your election and the intention of the inceptor is. (( Guido Bonatti,  Book on Astronomy. Translated and edited by Benjamin N. Dykes. The Cazimi Press, 2007. ))


1) the Luminaries, the Sun is in detriment with the prevailing square from Saturn (still the Sun receives Saturn because in its sign) and the peregrine Moon is separating from Mars;

2) the Lord if the Ascendant, Mercury is in detriment and fall with Mars;

3) the significator of the quesited thing Jupiter is in detriment at the Ascendant, so very powerful in granting everything a debilitated planet can grant, with Mars predominant from the tenth;

4) the lord of the ninth house (religion) peregrine and in cadent house.

Not a nice picture for projects and plans, true?

Interesting is the reception between Jupiter and Mercury, which are both in their debility. I’m not very persuaded from this kind of reception, because all examples we have of receptions are with peregrine planets. Phasis, the new software from Cieloeterra calls this kind of aspect ” receptio mutua contraria” and in the table of receptions of the Comment to the first book to Tetrabiblos (page 401) Giuseppe Bezza says Mercury and Jupiter make each other no reception.

Told so, and seeing that Jupiter rules the seventh of the open enemies and Mercury is in the 11th house, it seems to me that the Pope depends on the cardinals of his Court and vice versa, because Vatican is organized according the spoiling system, when the Pope goes, the cardinals he chose  go too…..

That things are going not so well we can read in newspapers in these days and in fact the Pope himself was obliged to say that rumors around the new conclave  were false  and Italian newspapers are trying to influence the election. (( see http://www.newsday.com/news/nation/vatican-italian-newspapers-unsourced-reports-defamatory-and-false-1.4698664 ))

But as we know an event chart is just a side of the medal because as the Centiloquium no.6 says:

The election either of day or hour shall then advantage when it is constituted from the nativity; otherwise, though the election be well made, it will not profit.

So let us give a very, very quick look to Joseph Ratzinger’s chart (with the directed position for the day of resignation) :

Joseph Ratzinger, 16 April 1927, h:4.15 am)
Joseph Ratzinger, 16 April 1927, h:4.15 am, Marktl - Germany) (in the outer wheel the directed planet)

As we see, Pisces rises at the Ascendant in the Pope’s chart, with the same Jupiter (but in its own domicile) and Mercury in the first house in the same sign, in its detriment and fall.

This Mercury is not very of advantage for him and both for its position and for the square with Mars (Mercury is prevailing here) Ratzinger is famous for his words not always very appropriate, let us say he does not think very much before talking.

We don’t want to explore his natal chart, so let us focus on directions (here I used the Placidian under the pole, placidian key). These are the position of directed planets:

Directed positions for 11 February 2013
Directed positions for 11 February 2013

So the directed MC is arrived to the radix Ascendant and Mars to Mercury’s opposition.

MC to the Ascendant is quite obvious to me because this is a turning point for Ratzinger’s life. I was really uncertain about Mercury-Mars opposition until I asked to a friend of mine (Giancarlo Ufficiale, a former founder of Cieloeterra group) and he reminded me of the fact these planets were already in aspect in the chart, the direction simply put them together again. God knows if Ratzinger was too rash this time too….

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2013. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.



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