The new Pope Franciscus I Bergoglio

The election of the new Pope Francis, in the world Jorge Mario Bergoglio​ , is obviously in all media’s  headlines in these days,  for several reasons, not last the fact it seems to fulfill the prophecy of the Black Pope, the caput nigrum.

Bergoglio in fact is the first Pope to be chosen among Jesuits, the powerful Order, which is lead by a Superior, who is traditionally known as Black Pope, because has a very strong power over the members of the Order.

Black Sun
Black Sun

Coming back to astrology it is interesting to give a look to the chart for the beginning of the Conclave, cast at the moment of the “extra omnes.”

Rome, 12th March 2013, h. 5.31 pm
Extra omnes- Rome, 12th March 2013, h. 5.31 pm

I wrote the following comments for the Facebook Italian list Astrologia, before the election.

Virgo, a movable sign is rising, so we should expect a very short conclave.

Jupiter, the natural significator for the Pope is culminating. Anyway for a traditional astrologer is not a good omen because a planet in debility takes a lot of unwanted effects.

What about an accidental significator? Leeh Lehman in her latest post (( )) considers the ruler of the 10th (her chart is wrong anyway, the Conclave started on 18th April 2005, not on 19th) .

Anway Italians are not Americans, for us the Pope is not a leader is the POPE, so I took the 9th house and its ruler, Venus.

I wrote in FB list that Venus in Pisces could better represent the “good Pope” Cardinal Sodano asked during the homily preceding the closing of the doors of Sistine Chapel.

Being on the Descendant, it could indicate, I wrote, a foreigner (for us) Pope. (( See Ptolemy Tetr. IV,8  ))

So it was.

Habemus papam - Rome, 13th March 2013, h:7:06 pm
Habemus papam - Rome, 13th March 2013, h:7:06 pm

Anyway I’m not sure that the debilitated Jupiter in Gemini could be put aside, especially for the conservative political ideas of the new Pope.

In this chart the Moon  is void of course, (while in the other the Moon is going to the sextile with Jupiter) and the significators of the previous chart have fallen in the cadent house: Jupiter in the 9th of the religion (and this could be good for me), but Venus, which is the ruler of the Ascendant of the new chart in the 6th (this is less good in my opinion).

The first Mass - Rome, 19th March 2013 h:9.30

Lastly the chart for the inaguration.

Here again Jupiter and Venus are prominent, jupiter is rising at the Ascendant – here being the ruler of the 7th-open  enemies – could be that enemies are in the Pope’s hand.

Venus in her exaltation is in the tenth (good!), and Mercury, lord of the Ascendant  in the 9th house of religion.

Moon is applying to Venus.

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2013. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.

2 thoughts on “The new Pope Franciscus I Bergoglio

  1. “Mercury, lord of the Ascendant in the 9th house of religion.”
    it looks like it is in the 10th house according to the bottom chart you have posted.

  2. hello, James,
    Jupiter is in the 10th house in the extra omnes chart because of Ptolemy’s 5-degrees rule but it is in the 9th of habemus papam chart.

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