A review of the Arabic Centiloquium with a comment to Aphorism n.30

Last week the Arabic version of Centiloquium edited and translated by Giuseppe Bezza and Franco Martorello arrived on my desktop. It is a long-awaited book and I believe it is worth the wait, all Bezza’s books should be bought sight unseen, there is always so much to learn.

The  book contains the Arabic version of Centiloquium written by Yusuf  ibn al-Daya and his comment in the original version and its Italian translation, plus the Greek version and its Italian translation, a short astrological comment of the editors, a glossary of Arabic astrological terminology, and an introduction with a short story of Centiloquium and its attribution, where are discussed between the rest the recent proposals by Prof. Lemay and Pingree.



The Arabic version is divided into several chapters:

1) Aphorisms 1-6

2) Aphorisms 7-18

3) Aphorisms 19-33

4) Aphorisms 34-39

5) Aphorisms 40-43

6) Aphorisms 44-80

7)Aphorisms 81-92

8 ) Aphorisms 93-100

Modern astrologers tend to discard aphorisms ans sometimes traditional astrologers do the same still but they are like concentrated pills, they can be very effective.

Let us for example the aphorism n. XXX

Ptolemy said: ” a prince would be chosen to be king according the agreement of his nativity with the sky’s figure of the moment his dynasty took the power” (( lacking in Deborah Houlding transcription of Coley ))

Yusuf  ibn al-Daya gives an example in his comment but we can find better. During last year Italian astrologers talked a lot about the political victory of Movimento 5stelle, the populist party lead by the comedian and blogger Beppe Grillo and the web strategist Gianroberto Casaleggio.

Some astrologers like Grazia Bordoni noticed the steady repetition of an astrological configuration, the Full Moon which is present in the party foundation chart and in the nativities of the two leaders (( see Grillo e la Luna Piena )) but the fact was in fact without any explication. Now at the light of the aphorism no. 30 is easier to understand some dynamics.

Beppe Grillo
Beppe Grillo


newmoonAnd lastly the election day of the landslide victory

newmoonit works, true?

Aḥmad ibn Yūsuf ibn al -Dāya, Commento al Centiloquio tolemaico, pages 398, Mimesis,  Indo-Iranica et Orientalia, 2014

Written by Margherita Fiorello, CIDA certified member, for heaven astrolabe blog @ year 2014. If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed.

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