The Paris attack

“Police reported that at least 128 people had been killed and up to 300 more injured – including 80 critically – in yesterday’s six attacks, France’s deadliest since the second world war and the worst witnessed in Europe since the 2004 Madrid railway bombings” says The Guardian. (1) ” What about astrology?

Let us start from the event chart, cast for November, 13th 2015 h:9:21 pm

Let’s start from the end. The Moon had its Scorpio New Moon on November, 11th. Facebook and new age thought is full of “waves of Light” every New Moon, but traditionally the New Moon is sterile, unfortunate, and only profitable for mischiefs and occult and dark matters. Moreover the NM fell on Via Combusta, the Burning Road, a portion of Zodiac very unconfortable to walk.
This is the latest syzygy between Scorpio’s claws, with Zubenelgenubi a star of Saturn & Mars nature.

In the event chart the Moon, which is the Lady of the Ascendant is separating from Venus (which rules Islam according the very, very famous Horoscope of Religions (2)) and  Saturn, which rules the 8th house of death, in the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign which rules France according Ptolemy. (3)

I like a lot ❤ modern astrologers when they DON’T talk about essential dignities. Each planet, for them, could do wonders, even and especially DEBILITATED PLANETS 😦  But traditionally planets in their debility are very negative and potentially dangerous especially when we are talking about malefics. Like here, with Mars at 00.34 Libra, stuck at IC, together with the North Node (and obviously the South Node at MC).

Let us see the preceding VISIBLE eclipse, which is the one of March, 20th 2015.

Latest visible eclipse in Paris

In the second book of his Quadripartite Ptolemy explains that an eclipse is not immediately effective, but its effects:

  1. depend on the duration of the eclipse;
  2. start according the posizion of the Lights. If they are at the Ascendant, Ptoley says, the effects are in the first 4 months, at MC after 8 months, at Desc after 12 months. (4)

Here we have:

  1. the eclipse went on from 9.22 to 11.40., ie 2h18m. If we convert hours in months we have something more than 2 years and 3 months, that is 27 months, which we should divide by 3, and we get 9 months.
  2. Lights are in 11th house. Effects will start after 4-5 months, which is end of July/August and will increase in the following 9 months from that date.
  3. which could be in the range for our event chart.

This is a biwheel event/solar eclipse


Transiting (event) Saturn was again on its Solar Eclipse position, the Lights eclipse on MC and South Node of the event chart.

(1) The Guardian, online version

(2) Abu Mashar, On the Great Conjunctions

(3) Quadripartite, II, 3 – Of the Familiarities between Countries and the Triplicities and Stars

(4) Quadripartite, II, 6. Of the Time of the Predicted Events.


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