We can be heroes, a short reading about David Bowie’s life and death

A very quick look to David Bowie’s chart in the day of his death.  The chart is cast for 9:00 am, the birth time given by parents and the former wife (1), but we like a lot because of Venus culminating at MC.

David Bowie 08/01/1947 h 9:00 am London

En passant,  another legend of rock, Motorhead’s singer and bassist Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away the past December, had an angular Venus too, because Venus is a natural significator for art in general, whatever transaturnian you can imagine 🙂

In David Bowie’s chart is the significator of activity (2) because it is the only visible planet (Mercury and Mars are invisible) among the ones concerning activity and profession, it is separating from the Moon and it is smashed on the MC.

It could be the Lady of the Geniture (aka the Miles according Cielo&Terra teachings) because Saturn which is angular too is debility being in its detriment in Leo.

Venus as Lady of Geniture, Phasis software

Without forgetting anyway that in this chart Saturn is in sect/hairesis and it could not be too much blocking and restricting…..

In every case Venus is perfect for  the glamorous, refined and dandy
representation Bowie channeled in pop music.



The Lights – the Sun (in cazimi with Mars in its own exaltation) and the Moon are with fixed stars and nebulae  damaging eye-sight. The Moon  with M44 Praesepe and the Sun with M7 Scorpio’s sting: in 1962  during a quarrel he was injured to the left eye and the damage was permanent.

A “passionate star” – omicron Capricorni on Capricorn’s mouth -rises at the Ascendant, of Saturn and Venus nature, which is a very explosive combination because Saturn all destroys, and especially destroys Venus.

the tweet announcing Bowie’s death on January, 10th 2016

Bowie died with the mundane opposition of Saturn to Venus, which is the Lady of the Geniture, which was perfected around the end of December.

Mundane opposition perfected on December, 22 2015

The profection (a sign per year) was arrived to Scorpio, the return falls in Scorpio too with Mars (ruler of the profection/return on the Profected Ascendant. Moon was around 0° Aquarius in the 12th house radix, 4th (the end of life/all) in the return/profection.

Radix, profection, solar return, ingresses

We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
Maybe we’re lying, then you better not stay
But we could be safer, just for one day


(1) Source Astrodatabank

(2) See several Hellenistic sources, one for all Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, IV, 4 On the Quality of the Action

(3) Charts from: Solar Fire, Morinus, Phasis

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5 thoughts on “We can be heroes, a short reading about David Bowie’s life and death

  1. Hi! Thank you for the article! 🙂

    I’d like to ask you abour condition and meaning of Saturn in this chart. Did you have any experience/knowledge in diffrentation dignity by placement in sign and kind of dignity by being in sect, hayz?

    I wait for his biography in my native language. I wonder if his personality was somewhat saturnian (almuten figurae; sign ruler of Mercury and triplicity, face and conj Moon)… Some astrologers believe that retrograde planets act in opp to their normal activity. Here it would “work” he is a good example of man who was beyond any rules, but still there was shy guy behind it.

    His peregrine Venus could help to understand his extraordinary artistic behaviour. Venus aspect ascendant so modifies his prime motivation (Zoltan Mason, Robert Zoller, Demetra George, http://www.skyscript.co.uk/happiness.html#phpm) – Venus would add him artistic tendency (Venus) in inpopular in society (peregrine) way but with good result (peregrine in benefic’s sign).

  2. Saturn is the Ascendant ruler, I believe is important, yes 🙂
    I agree with you, the astrologer should evaluate the essential and accidental debility, because it is important.

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