Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature

The very day the Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo had died in Milan, the famous American singer Bob Dylan was awarded for the same prize for the year 2016,  “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.


Bob Dylan has written many famous songs, like Blowin’ in the wind, Hurricane, and Knocking on heavens doors, one of the 100 top ten songs of every time. (1)

The profession and trade

Let’s jump Bob Dylan chart. Just focus on profession and trade.

Bob Dylan, 24/05/1941
Bob Dylan, 24/05/1941 h:21:05 Duluth, MN

Bob Dylan is a singer and a poet.
At MC Libra is culminating, and its ruler Venus is just setting together with Mercury.
According Ptolemy: (2)

the lord of action is apprehended by two methods, from the sun and from the culminating sign. For it will be needful to look both for the planet that has made its morning appearance closest to the sun, and that which is at mid‑heaven, particularly when it occupies the application of the moon; …… Thus, then, we shall determine the planet that governs action. The quality of the action, however, is to be discerned from the character of the three planets, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and from that of the signs through which they happen appear to be passing.

Venus and Mercury are in heliacal rising, while the Moon is applying to Jupiter in Venus’sign. So no doubt that Venus which rules MC, the Moon and is doing her heliacal vespertine rising is the ruler of the activities and trade with Mercury’s cooperation. 

Goes on Ptolemy:

Again, when two planets are found to rule action, if Mercury and Venus take the rulership, they bring about action expressed by the arts of the Muses, musical instruments, melodies, or poems, and rhythm, particularly when they have exchanged places.

Moon is applying to Jupiter and Jupiter is separating from Venus.

If Jupiter testifies, they will be athletes, wearers of the wreath, persons deemed worthy of honours…..

A look to the present

As usually I follow the Medieval method, using radix, profection, solar return and planetary ingresses activating crucial areas of chart(s).


radix/profection/solar return/transits
radix/profection/solar return/transits for 13/10/2016

The method is very easy: we should check the profection, the solar return, and especially what is happening in the profected sign of the year, and its angles.
Profection is arrived to Pisces and 4th house, which takes over the Ascendant, so Jupiter is the Lord of the year. Mars is in the radix Pisces, so the Horoscope hands over to Mars. Especially important in the year are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.
The Solar Return Ascendant falls in Aquarius and so Saturn is its ruler.
Mars and Saturn which are the profection co-ruler and the ruler of the solar return fall in the radix Ascendant/the 10th profected house, activated by the transiting Saturn, square to the profection space.
Solar return Venus (which is the ruler of trade) is on radix Jupiter (the Lord of the year) and solar return Jupiter is on profected Venus- which Robert Hand calls a “double whammy” in the radix 10th- the activity and work house- in Virgo, opposite the profected space.
Transiting Venus (ruler of trade) is the 10th solar return house, transiting Jupiter is around radix MC, transiting Mars around profected MC, and finally transiting Moon on the profected Ascendant. Enough?

 This is my fav cover, Guns N’ Roses version, enjoy 🙂

(1) Western Writers of America (2010). “The Top 100 Western Songs”. American Cowboy. Archived from the original on 10 August 2014. – from Wikipedia

(2) Quadripartite, IV, 4 – Robbins Edition.

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