More on directions (Carrie Fisher & George Michael deaths according Ptolemy)

To George Michael and Princess Leila with love


In the latest years a lot has been written about primary directions and for many astrologers they are not a mystery anymore, especially since they are implemented in several traditional software.   Suddenly anyway I realized that for the new generation of astrologers – the one following ours- is not like that and their Facebook pages are full of wrong examples, with awful and illogical directions following the order of zodiacal signs, which a friend of mine calls “the astrologers living in a place where the Sun sets in the East”.

The first and most important rule about direction is:

the direction, whatever direct or converse, will move the directed point against the order of the signs, taken by the primum mobile motion, from East to West.

Ptolemy explains directions in a very long chapter of his Quadripartite, (1) which is the only chapter he provides with examples and calculations.


The first kind of direction he mentions is the aktinobolia, the straking with the ray. In this case, the planet (or better, its zodiacal degree) casts its ray to another one or a point. This is the direct direction.

Let us see our first example, George Michael’s death.

George Michael, 25 June 1963, h.5.44 am (rectified)

The giver of life, the apheta, is the Ascendant. In fact the Sun is in a cadent house, the Moon is below the horizon, no planet has rights on both Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo, New Moon in Gemini. (2)
Saturn casts its ray (the opposition) to the Ascendant in 53.405, in November 2016 (Ptolemy key, 1°=1 year)


Ptolemy mentions only a special case of converse direction, which is called horimea – when the sun is setting to the Descendant.

The second example is Carrie Fisher’s death.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, 21 October 1956, h:12:57 pm (rectified)

Here the Sun, which is the giver of life, being in the 9th  house (trining the Ascendant) sets at the Descendant in 62.672 – this is a Placidian Under-the-Pole direction, Placidian key. This a converse direction, but as we can see the direction is against the order of signs again.


The mundane directions are directions where aspects are not taken on the ecliptic, but in the Placidean houses, ie a square would not be 90 degrees apart, but 3 houses.
Whatever direct or converse (Placidus loved converse mundane directions) they are always against the order of signs.

It could not be different because primum mobile always spins from East to West. It it  moved the opposite way the Earth would fall.

(1) (2) Ptolemy, Quadripartite, III, 10 Of the length of life

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