Italian Earthquake again

Today three powerful earthquakes felt in Central Italy, in the same area where 300 people died in August 2016.

c_2_fotogallery_3006124_upifoto1fPrinting a list of ALL the Italian quakes with a magnitude > 4.8 from January 2015 to this very day, we easily see that all the quakes are localized in the same area. The only exception is the October seaquake.

list of Italian earthquakes in 2015-2016
list of Italian earthquakes in 2015-2016

If we want to be true to Ptolemy we shall look for a visible eclipse, the last one fell on 20th March 2015.

Solar Eclipse data
Solar Eclipse data

According Ptolemy the effects of an eclipse are not immediate, but depend on the length of the eclipse and position of Lights in the chart. (1)

For if the place of the eclipse falls on the eastern horizon, this signifies that the beginning of the predicted event is in the first period of four months from the time of the eclipse and that its important intensifications lies in the first third of the entire period of its duration; if on the mid‑heaven, in the second four months and the middle third; if upon the western horizon, in the third four months and the final third. The beginnings of the particular abatements and intensifications of the event we deduced from the conjunctions which take place in the meantime, if they occur in the significant regions or the regions in some aspect to them, and also from the other movements of the planets, if those that effect the predicted event are either rising or setting or stationary or at evening rising, and are at the same time in some aspect to the zodiacal signs that hold the cause.

  1. Being the Lights on the 11th cusp the eclipse will give its effects after 6 months, ie around October 2015.
  2. Now we should consider the middle third of its duration.
    The eclipse has a lenght of 2h20′, which is (1 hour=1 year) around 2 years and 4 months. Each third is 9 months and some day.
  3. From October 2015 +9 months= July 2016 will start its effects.

The most dangerous earthquake was August, 24th, when Mars and Saturn made their conjunction with Antares.

In this new earthquake Mars, the Ascendant ruler of the event chart falls around the syzygy degree in the eclipse chart in Pisces, Moon on the eclipse’s Node at 10 Libra.

triwheel: eclipse/august aerthquake/january earthquake
triwheel: eclipse/august aerthquake/january earthquake

(1) Ptolemy’s Quadripartite, II,6, The time of predicted events.


One thought on “Italian Earthquake again

  1. Hola Margarita
    Hace un buen tiempo yo sigo su blog. Sus artículos son muy interesantes. a mí me gusta mucho la astrología antigua. Por eso tengo una pregunta por si Ud puede responderme. ¿Debe utilizarse la astrología sideral?

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