DJ FAbo, Placidian directions and how to get them with Phasis & Morinus

A friend of mine asked me this morning how to get Placidus’ zodiacal directions in Phasis (1) and Morinus (2), two well known applications for traditional astrology.
Do Morinus and Phasis give the same result? The answer is yes, they do.
Let us choose our example chart, Fabiano Antoniani, the Italian A 39-year-old Italian DJ left blind and tetraplegic by a 2014 car crash, DJ Fabo,  dead after an assisted suicide procedure in Switzerland. (3)

DJ Fabo
DJ Fabo, Feb, 9th 1977 2.50 pm in Milan (courtesy Grazia Bordoni)

Not a very nice chart indeed.
Saturn is opposite to the Sun in the 8th which is ruled by Saturn itself, in a receptio mutua contraria, in the signs of their debility. Moon square to Mars, on the 8th cusp and in Saturn’sign. Saturn, Sun, Venus in debility, no dignified planets.
He killed himself as Ptolemy states, because Mars is out of its sect and in a human sign and squares the Moon:

If Mars is quartile or in opposition to the sun or the moon, from a sign of the other sect, in the signs of human form, ……….or to commit suicide. (Quadr. IV, 9)

Phasis, the commercial software programmed by Marco Fumagalli for Cieloeterra, is quite immediate, I ❤ a lot and I could not live without.


Phasis'list of directions
Phasis’list of directions

Saturn’s zodiacal degree arrives to the Ascendant, which is the apheta of the chart (Phasis calls it ANARETIC ) on November, 15 2009 and the Moon to the IC (which is the end of the life, we know) on June, 4th 2010.

Anyway he did not die in 2010. He had the car accident  who left him blind and disabled in 2014 and eventually killed himself in 2016.
I have been attending since a couple of years a reading group of Ptolemy’s Quadripartite and I found so many hidden pearls.  This is what Ptolemy says about the children who cannot be reared:

And in such circumstances, if the luminaries should chance to be removing from conjunction with one of the beneficent planets, or are in some other aspect to them, but nevertheless cast their rays in the parts that precede them, the child that is born will live a number of months or days, or even hours, equal to the number of degrees between the prorogator and the nearest rays of the maleficent planets, in proportion to the greatness of the affliction and the power of the planets ruling the cause. (Quadr, III,9)

So my idea is because of Saturn trine to Venus by direction. Before arriving to the Ascendant Saturn trines Venus in 6.5. So Venus from MC gives some small protection and some years more, six years and half, but it is in her own debility in Aries and so it is not enough.

Let’s see Morinus.
In order to get the same result we should edit its settings. In the menu OPTIONS/DIRECTIONS we should check PLACIDUS UNDER THE POLE and ZODIACAL/USE LATITUDE OF SIGNIFICATOR.  In the menu OPTIONS/PRIMARY KEYS check TRUE SOLAR ARC.

Morinus settings
Morinus settings


Morinus' list
Morinus’ list

Hope it helps.


(1) Any info at the CieloeTerra website here
(2) Free download here
(3) Birth Certificate, source Grazia Bordoni (Italian astrologer and data collector)

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