Using Fortune for work and career in Zodiacal Releasing

One of Brennan’s mp3 about Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit mentioned the case of writers having success very late in their life, so having a very famous case in Italy, I decided to open his chart.


My guinea pig is Andrea Camilleri, the author of Inspector Montalbano, a very famous TV series in Italy. It is broadcasted worldwide on BBC in Great Britain, on MHz Networks in USA, on Special Broadcasting Service in Australia.


Andrea Camilleri, 06/09/1926, 10:30 am, Porto Empedocle, Italy
Andrea Camilleri, 06/09/1926, 10:30 am, Porto Empedocle, Italy

The zodiacal releasing technique is well known and it is explained in Vettius Valens’ Anthology, who calls “a truly powerful method“. (1)
The method consists in locating the Part of Fortune for life in general and Part of Spirit for work and career and especially highlighting what is going on in the angular signs from Fortune.

In Camilleri’s chart, the Fortune is in Gemini, so we will consider the bicorporeal signs. Like this:

Relevant periods from Fortune/Spirit
Relevant periods from Fortune/Spirit

According Vettius Valens if we enquiry about the body and live we shall divide from Lot of Fortune, but for action or reputation we should start from Lot of Spirit, and find the judgement according malefics and benefics present or witnessing it. But if the Lord of the Lot is cadent, Fortune divides both. (2)

So in this chart, where the ruler of Spirit, Jupiter is cadent in the 3rd, retrograde and in fall, we will divide from Fortune.

Actually this method is nothing else than a planetary period system, a kind of more ancient, Western dasa. The Sun takes 19, the Moon 25, Mercury 20, Venus 8, Mars 15, Jupiter 12, Saturn 27 for Capricorn and 30 for Aquarius.

So Gemini (the Fortune sign) takes 20 years, then  Cancer 25 years, Leo 19 years, Virgo (the first angular sign from Fortune) 20 years. Each period can be divided into sub-periods of months.

This is Solar Fire output:

Zodiacal Releasing for 1988-2008
Zodiacal Releasing for 1988-2008

The Virgo period from 5 October 1988 to 22 June 2008

 -the Sagittarius sub-period (angular to the Lot of Fortune) from 17 April 1992 to 11 April 1993: Camilleri wrote his first successfull novel in 1992 at the age of 65. He had written some books without any relevant result in 1978 and paused his activity as author until 1992.

 -the Capricorn sub-period (with Jupiter, the benefic in sect, in the sign) goes from 12 April 1993 to 1 July 1995: Camilleri writes the first novel around Inspector Montalbano, “The Shape of Water“.

 -the Pisces sub-period (angular to the Lot of Fortune) from 17 December 1992 to 12 December 1998: In 1998 (at the age 72)  RAI Channel produces the first series based on his novels, one of most successful and loved Italian TV series.



Enjoy ❤

(1) Vettius Valens, Anthology, IV, 4

(2) verbatim



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